Pro-instructor Day 2

Just back from day 2. OMG, it’s such an eye opener. A whole new world of teaching!

I didn’t know what to expect when I first when into the course, but I tell ya, it’s even better than you expect!

You kinda get the assumption that being a “pro-instructor” course you’d be focussing on the 5 key elements, performance etc, and “shining” as an instructor. But it’s NOT. The course delves more into inclusive language, and avoiding using things like “I want you to….” etc. You go through the DISC profile and then specifically apply the DISC profile to teaching individual tracks.

There’s so so so much more, but I couldn’t possibly explain it all. It’s AWESOME and really opens your eyes up to what you actually “say”, rather than just “performing” all the time (especially when you studying the DISC profiles).

Today I ended up going with balance, and I did the tai chi warmup from 33. Afterwards Garry immediately asked me to do BB on the third day aswell, because balance definately suits me more (remember this is on a “pro-instructor” level). The only feedback I got from Garry was that my tai chi ball was too high (should be by the belly), and the arm circles need to flow more (I was exaggerating the “pause” too much…..I need to look at the video again). But apart from that my cueing appears to be spot on, which I kinda feel uneasy about cuz I feel like “well there must be something I could improve?” Now I guess I need to just focus on another track and show Garry that I can demonstrate contrast in another track.

Day 3 we’re also going to learn how to do assessments of other instructors…………formal assessments, cuz that’s something that’s really lacking in this industry…..

This next month though, gawd I don’t think my teaching will ever be the same. This is a whole new world! Everyone, if this ends up going global and it comes near you, DO IT……….if you’re really serious about teaching and serious about improving you gotta do it!

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