Life Without My Job

Is going much better, and luckily I’ve picked up a heap of classes to fill the hole at the moment. Loving it, but at the same time feeling stuffed, while also appreciating having afternoons to recover. I’m doing 13 permanent classes now………..3 pump, 3 combat, 7 balance……..with a few fill ins here and there. Doing 2 extra pump fill ins for the next 3 weeks as well, plus I’ll be shadowing 2 attack classes. I think next weekend I’ll try and make sure I get more than 2-3 hours sleep before doing my classes in the morning. Haha, that was interesting. I had a rather big weekend, and I’m still trying to recover. My body isn’t quite sure now when it’s supposed to sleep icon_lol.gif Wish I could tell all about my weekend, but I can’t, cuz I’m just not quite sure who’s gonna read this icon_wink.gif It’s funny, cuz today I started feeling motivated that I really need to clean out my house and chuck out a heap of crap. For some time I’ve been thinking I need to sell this house up and move closer to the gyms I work at. Means doing something with the horses etc. But first, a clean out of crap is necessary. This morning I had a quick search online for houses to see what comes up in the area I’m looking at, dunno the prices and stuff. Then, just for fun I thought I’d look at my daily horoscope The Advertiser’s website. Dunno what possessed me to do that. I don’t believe in daily horoscopes, and I used to work for a newspaper, so I know how dodgy they are……….but can you imagine how I freaked when I read this:


Furniture and other aspects of interior design will captivate your attention this week. Whatever eyesore is bothering you can be cleared up and beautified just now. House hunting is also on the cards.


Still don’t believe in daily horoscopes (character references are different), but this is a freaky coincendence all the same!

Nike Free

After much talk on the forum about Nike Free shoes, I found some on special. Been dying to try them out for ages. They are sooooo comfy! Wore them in combat last night, and again this morning……..I’m hooked.

You can move around so much better in them than in Shox. Sticking with the Shox for Attack though……….i think attack would be insane in the Free’s.

Will be interesting to see how the Free’s treat my legs long term though, as in the past I’ve had problems with leg pain and I’ve always needed generous shock absorption.

Hung Up

Well, today I was supposed to do an attack performance in a shopping centre as a promotion for Zest run by Nova (an Adelaide radio station). Me and another instructor were told where to turn up at a said time, however when we got there……….there was no Nova to be seen.

After many phone calls back and forth, it turned out that Nova had at the last minute gone to a different location and forgotten about us.

Supposed to do another presentation Thursday at another shopping centre, so not sure if this one is still going to go ahead, cuz I don’t think Zest is too happy about the first incident.

We had decided though that we were going to do tracks 1, 2 and 8 of BA54 (the new release is all I’ve got), but I tell ya, I’m really hung up over Hung Up. It doesn’t matter how often I seem to do this track, I keep screwing it up!

But after practising it in front of the mirrors this morning after my class at Zest, I think I’ve nearly got it now? What’s the bet I still screw it up?

“every little thing that you say or do………..”

Shadowing attack

Ouch, Shadowed in an attack class for the first time tonight, and damn it’s slightly tougher going when you can’t pull back icon_eek.gif

Had a bad stitch the entire way through aswell, which I think was cuz I wasn’t breathing properly. Can’t imagine talking through an entire class aswell (and talking is my forte) ????

Have to say though, shadowing was easier than I thought it’d be……..I thought I’d stuff up a lot more with the wrong leg and not knowing the chorrey and stuff.

Watch out for me shadowing with Sofie Friday night! icon_razz.gif

Shadowed attack again

Shadowed attack again last night. There was 3 of us on stage, with the other 2 team teaching. Did most of BA48, love that release (thank god they ditched ABC….so glad of that, think that’s cuz I told Jo I can’t stand that track, haha).

Tonight was the first time I did heel jacks on the instructor left leg……..crikey they threw me out a bit. Occured to me that we don’t have heel jacks in the latest release. Once I figured out which way the legs went, my arms went the wrong way….lol

Need to practice those I think!

I’m filling in the attack class again that I did last Friday. At least they’ve given me notice for it this time! So I can actually learn the choreography, haha. It’s at Fernwood too, all girls, which means I wont get so distracted icon_redface.gif

First time in my life ever I decided to get acryllic nails done yesterday. Not sure what possesed me to it, spur of the moment thing!

Got pretty pink sparkley nails!

Forgot How Hard Voodoo Child Is!

Damn, I’ve been doing “Ready To Go” for squats all week, and so last night I thought it would be a good progression to Voodoo Child. I’m doing a “Put on Weight For Summer” Pump Challenge at the moment, and these hard tracks are to help us increase our weights.

But DAMN, Voodoo Child STILL hurt! yikes.

I’m participating in the challenge along with the members. The whole idea of it is to set a goal weight you’d like to be at, at the end of 12 weeks. Counting down we’re up to week 8.

These are my current weights (total on bar):

1 – 10kg
2 – 22kg
3 – 12kg
4 – 17kg
5 – 10kg (can do 11kg in some tracks, but not when I’m doing Runaway from BP44)
6 – 10kg
7 – 10kg
8 – 2.5kg plates, 10kg bar

Mix I did last night:

1 – I believe BP56
2 – Voodoo Child BP56
3 – Sing Halleluja BP48 Celebration
4 – Slave to the Music BP50
5 – Runaway BP44
6 – Nod ya Head BP44
7 – Ganbareh BP45
8 – Be Cool BP45
9 – Complicated BP45
10 – One Last Breath BP45

Saturday night

OMG!!!! I got asked for ID!!!

I’m stoked. Went out with Cassie and some of her friends. I’m TWENTYNINE and I got asked for ID. Can you believe it? icon_razz.gif

Uploaded a few piccies……….check out the damage….

Cassie and I Comparing cleavages Cassie and I

First attack class

Well, as you may or may not have gathered from my previous blog entries, I did my attack training on the weekend. I haven’t really said anything about it, cuz well………that’s just me.

Since the weekend, I’ve had this horrible fear that cuz I’m an experienced instructor, I’m going to get thrown in the deep end and get called for a fillin. Was setting up plans asap to shadow classes and try and get a few tracks to teach. That fear came true tonight.

With 1 hrs notice I got a call asking if I could help out icon_eek.gif

What happened, is 2 girls I did my training with were going to team teach. One had passed to teach, the other passed to shadow. Cuz they’re both new to attack they were helping each other out. The girl that passed to teach though got a migrane and couldn’t do it.

I have to say, I didn’t really know the chorrey THAT well, although I kinda had a feel for it. However the girl that passed to shadow was helping me out, so reluctantly I agreed to do the class.

During training my track was track 3, and I was pretty sure I knew 1, 4 and 6……listened to track 2 on my way in the car. My partner in crime did tracks 7, 8, 9. Basically I used my BODYPUMP skills to get me through 5, 10 and 11.

While I don’t think this will be the most impressive class I’ll ever teach, I’m surprised at how damn well I did. Of course I screwed up the chorrey in spots……..but I didn’t let them see it. Actually, I’ve discovered that attack seems to be easier to recover from than pump (can be so easy to get lost in pump if you lose it, whereas attack seems easy to get back on track? dunno, time will tell).

Anyway, I guess I knew it was gonna happen…… thrown in the deep end and I swam. Still can’t quite get my head around the fact that I’m apparently an attack instructor, but after tonight it’s starting to sink in?

By the way, while I’m at it, Vanessa was an awesome trainer, and I hope she comes back to Adelaide soon because she was so inspirational. She’s also to the point when necessary, which really suits my style. I love it! Tim joined us as a trainee trainer and we had a lot of fun! And I can now also confirm that the attack challenge (and entire training weekend) is nowhere near as hard as pump.

Summer is coming

35C today and I’m loving it! We’re getting early hot weather this time around, awesome. Except can’t believe how just because it’s suddenly hot we get 40 bushfires in one day, many of them purposely lit. Some people just make me angry icon_evil.gif One more week left of my crappy job………so hanging out to leave here. The other guys reckon as a joke I should reapply for my advertised position (it’s all a bit crazy, LONNNNG story). I’m soooo looking forward to my sports massage tonight, feeling a bit emotional and so I can only feel better afterwards. I don’t have to go anywhere afterwards either, so it wont matter if I cry haha (my massage therapist does Reiki and stuff, so she has a way of bringing things out that you’d really prefer was kept hidden).

End of the week

Well the end of the week has arrived, and I’ve got a BIG weekend coming up.

I’ve given the final date of resignation to my boss……..last day of work is 19th October. Means I’ve gotta get my arse into gear and get my Cert 4 completed asap, or I’m not gonna have enough money!

Such a scary time coming up icon_confused.gif

But as for this weekend, I gotta go to bed and rest up…..

Amazing compliment

wow, ok I’m in a bit of shock!

Ever since I’ve put on weight following my back injury 9 years ago, I’ve struggled with my weight ever since. When I first started teaching, I was one of your “flabbier” instructors, and although I’ve lost a lot of weight and toned up, I’m still a lot larger than most instructors. However, I’m also tall, so I carry some of it because of that, but on the other hand, I’m NOT skinny. My muscle tone though IS starting to show through, but I’m still extremely dissatisfied with my tummy.

However today I was in a computer store buying some ink, and as I wandered over to the girl she said “you know, one of the other guys just commented you must work out in the gym a lot…….I wish I had a body like yours, how much do you have to work out to get that?”

That just kinda floored me, I was in shock. It feels nice to hear that kind of comment, and to know that I AM achieving something and that it’s all worthwhile.

The poor girl was a bit depressed though when I explained that I’m a gym instructor and that I work out nearly everyday. icon_lol.gif

Bring on summer!

Spring is in the air and summer is coming! WOOOHOOO!

Just loving this weather at the moment. The sun is shining, I’m working on laying out in the sun (topless…….stop checking out the google satellite maps guys icon_rolleyes.gif ). Working on getting a tan, cuz I can’t afford the solarium at the moment.

The air con wasn’t working in combat this morning………I must be sadistic cuz I LOVED IT! I don’t sweat easy (no matter how hard I work), so sweating was quite a nice feeling….mmmm