Contact Lenses

Ok, it looks like I might be getting myself some contact lenses!

I’ve been short sighted for years, but it’s never really bothered me, and I’ve only had classes just for driving at night on strange roads and for when it’s raining and stuff.

However, just recently my eye sight has been frustrating me. At the U2 concert last week I couldn’t see the screens too well, and then when I was shadowing attack the other instructor said “is that a spider there in the back corner?” I couldn’t even see a black speck let alone know it was a spider! I had to get within 1m of the back wall to see it.

I think I also miss out on a lot when I’m teaching classes……and I get frustrated with the fact that I can’t recognise any of the members that are at the back of the room!

Sooo, I booked myself an appointment with the optometrist (first time in 4 years or so) with the intention of seeing whether i can get contact lenses. I’m just NOT a glasses person……..I refuse to wear them!

So, I had my first appointment today (you have to have a normal appointment before you can consider a “contact lenses” appointment apparently). It appears that in 4 years or so my eyes have only degraded slightly, which is a good thing. I can still use my prescription glasses that I have (or NOT use them icon_razz.gif)……but even better it appears I can go ahead and trial contact lenses!

So, my first contact lense trial appointment is on Thursday. The trial is going to cost me $145 out of my own pocket, and the contact lenses themselves (if the trial is successful) wont be cheap, but private health insurance should cover some of that. I hope this will all be worth it, cuz I think I’m missing out on too much!