Contact Lenses

Had my checkup with how my trial with the contact lenses are going. We’ve decided upon the type that I’m going to use regularly based upon the one in my left eye feeling much more comfortable. It appears these are the ones that you cannot sleep in though, so if I ever want to use the ones you sleep in (which I want to) I have to be able to tolerate the one that’s in my right eye. Apparently at the moment I’m reacting to it cuz of the silicon in it, so it’s not known if I’ll ever be able to tolerate it. The main draw back with the one’s we’ve decided upon is that they’re really floppy and much harder to handle. I’m never quite sure if I’ve got it the right way around?

However, I’m enjoying the change in being able to actually SEE everything clearly! It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Taking me a bit of getting used to, and it’s a bit of a pain cleaning them and putting them in and out and stuff, but I guess it’s probably a bit like waxing, showering and eating once you get used to it?