Website update

WebsiteUpdated the forum today. Ended up being a lengthy upgrade that took me a few hours. Generally you’d like these things to go smoothly but of course they never do! The new update includes a “friends” feature, and a while back I added such a feature as a “modification”. Unfortunately the addon created a table in the database under the same name as the new update wanted to create, so during the installation this failed.

Luckily the installation included a check to make sure all the tables had been successfully created, so when it came up with an error I was able to go into the database and rename the table, allowing the installation procedure to recreate the correct table it required. Phew.
Not too many other hiccups, but I’m sure the forum members will be bound to find some errors for me ­čśŤ

The only other thing I’ve noticed is that the dropdown boxes and the tabs in the admin panel don’t work in Firefox…..grrr