I’ll be damned

ok, I’ve been teaching a combat class at a different Zest location for a couple of months now. Most of my classes are at Modbury, but I’ve started doing this class at Burnside, because while it’s a bit further for me to drive, I’m going to need to move house in the future so I’m keeping my options open. Anyways, the lady that takes the pump class after my combat is pretty cool, and I get along well with her.

Because the class prior to mine always runs late, that always makes my combat class 5 mins late aswell, so when this instructor sets up for pump, I often help her by grabbing her weights for her and help her set up.

Now today, I agreed to do a fill in at Mitcham Zest, which is a bit further away again. Despite being a bit of a drive I did it anyway………still all about keeping options open. Anyways, I got a call from the state manager of Zest regarding this class, and while I was talking to her she said “well I’ll see you I’m doing the class after you”, and I replied “ah ok, I don’t think I’ve met you before have I?” and she said “yeah you have, I teach the pump after you on Fridays!”

The penny suddenly dropped, and I had NO IDEA that SHE was the state manager! haha. All this time I thought the state manager was some formidible scary GOD, and she was disguised as a pump instructor that I’ve been helping out setting her up prior to her pump class……haha

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