Lacking energy

Not sure what’s going on, but I was seriously lacking energy in attack this morning. My normal classes at Fernwood haven’t been on all this week, and I was too tired to do attack last night so I thought I’d go this morning instead to burn off some of the crap I’d been eating.

Was a bad idea cuz my shins are starting to ache and I generally felt so run down I regretted doing the class. oh wells, hopefully I’ll get my energy back soon, maybe just lighter weights in pump tomorrow?

Also had a balance fill in at Burnside Zest so on my way I stopped in at Burnside hospital and visited one of my members at Zest that’s just had her baby. A little baby boy. Held him, he was so cute but I dunno whether babies suit me…….haha. He’s probably used to my voice already from balance classes within her belly. 😛

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