Squat challenge

I was chatting to one of the guys on the gym floor that does my pump classes and somehow, in a way I don’t remember, we ended up going for a bet that we’ll both challenge ourselves to go for 30kg in squats. We’re both currently doing 25kg……..soooo, I might have to look for an easy squat track for next week…….haha!

I’m apprehensive about whether I should still go through with this bet, cuz although I hate backing down, at the time of the bet I’d forgotten that I’m actually having a sports massage that afternoon. If you’re reading this, I dunno if you’ve had a sports massage before, but these massages usually leave me more sore than doing 5 classes in one day……..and let’s make that 2 attack, 2 pump and a balance class while we’re at it………….yep, sports massage hurts more.

So, I’ll try and come through with my side of the bet……but I’m stressing about it a bit, especially cuz quarterly workshop is on this weekend too, and I already teach FIVE classes on the weekend.

Anyway, next week could be interesting, cuz I’ve decided to go and see a tarot reader. I’ve never done anything like that before so I’m a little excited and nervous. I’ve thought about seeing someone, or a psychic or something for a long time, but I’ve never known how to find the right person. This lady I’ve been put in contact through my sports massage therapist and from what I hear I think she’s gonna be ok. I’ve come to a time in my life where I think I need some help with answers. I’m too confused and when it comes to my personal life I seem to be making the same mistakes. I believe the same things keep happening to you until you learn what destiny or whatever it is trying to tell you. So I’m trying to learn…..lol

I’ve still been busy as this week, but I have at least managed to update my blog more often since I’ve succeeded in getting more sleep this week, even though I’m still working odd hours.