Launches today

Today we had our six-in-one launches where we do 30 mins of each program. I’m starting to wonder whether I’ve made a
bad decision taking on a 4th program cuz it’s been a bit tough learning all the chorrey, and we weren’t even launching whole releases? I’m hoping that it’s just the pressure of my new job as PT aswell and maybe I can manage 4 programs over time? At least it ran pretty smoothly and we managed to keep to time, but I felt like trash in attack.

I really ballsed that one up but the rest were ok.

I started off with pump for which I was on my own so I did tracks 1-4 which went well. James and Thuy did Step next which I participated in, which I’m now regreting because I should have spent the time going over my chorrey….oh well.

Next was attack, I did tracks 2 and 3 and James did 4, 6, 9. I dunno why but I just keep messing up track 3……it didn’t feel very nice today.

Combat went well. I didn’t think I quite had the chorrey well enough, but I pretty much nailed it except I did one too many reps in track 2 which no one would have noticed except that Jo started doing something different ­čśë That’s one thing newbie instructors take a while to get the hang of, going with whatever the instructor cues despite if it’s wrong or not…..but they’ll get there! ­čśë I took tracks 1, 2 and 8 while Jo did 3 and 7. WE ROCK!

I participated in about 15 mins of Jam with Marlisa before leaving so I could go over my balance tracks again. I’m glad I did that cuz it really made the difference I think. I took 2 and 3 and Marlisa did 5, 6 and 9 and we had agreed to go over time for the last 5 mins so we could do a Meditation/Relaxation for those who chose to stay. Most did so that was great.

Although most of it went well, the stress got to me a bit and attack really rattled me so it put me in a bit of a tense mood this afternoon. But that was ok, since I sat at Natty’s house and played on her playstation all afternoon……….when I probably should have been getting some stuff done, but hey……gotta have downtime sometime!

Now that I’ve come home though I arrive to find that my websites are down because there’s emergency maintainence on my webhosts datacentre (or am I supposed to call it “datacenter” cuz it’s American? ­čśë ). So I’m currently typing this blog entry in notepad so I can upload it later ­čśë