BODYATTACK 58 filming

The attack filming followed shortly after jam, but because I participated I unfortunately didn’t get to take as many pictures as Jam.

However I participated in it and that was even better!!! This release really rocks! I dunno if it’s just the energy and the enthusiasm of a filming, but it doesn’t seem to matter what the music is it just goes off, lol. Man we sweated, it was hot in there. The fact that I got to do BA58 for the second time means I remember quite a bit more than I did the first time. Loving some of the music 😉

The pushups were hard, but it’s hard for me to tell whether they’re harder than 57 or not, seeing as I’ve only done 57 once. I could have died in the plyos, I was jealous of Vanessa in the corner with the “options” team, lol. Lisa has come up again with a slight new innovation for the agility track. Plus as mentioned before there’s the new move which I can’t remember if it’s in the Interval track or the Peak? I dunno, but all I can say is if you remember things like that at that point of the class you can’t possibly be working hard enough!

The great news is that our beautiful Vanessa Labort goes on the team of the “options” crew, which they’ve now got as a new split screen format on our DVD’s. Poor Vanessa only had about 3 hours warning for this, and then Lisa surprised her and invited her up in the middle of the cooldown! Congrats to Vanessa! It was great to see her up there.

I haven’t seen my BA57 DVD yet, but apparently this split screen format with the options in the corner has been introduced with this release. After the class people took quite a few photos of the team, and then Lisa invited all instructors on stage to take a big attack photo with all the visiting instructors!

BODYATTACK 58 group photo

This photo includes myself, Wayne, Donna, Cheryl…..all members of 😉 I’m really disappointed that Linda didn’t get in the photo. I think she deserved to be in the photo even if she isn’t an instructor. I don’t think Lisa would have intentionally meant to exclude non-instructors when she invited us on stage, and in my excitement I didn’t quite notice that Linda didn’t come up…..mind you, Linda is a die hard combatter that doesn’t like attack, right?

Linda in attack clothes

yeah right 😆

ssssssh, don’t tell her I showed you this!

BODYJAM 42 filming

As I said earlier, I didn’t participate in the Jam filming, but I DID watch. The music sounded awesome. Everything was so on fire that I WANTED to participate, but I know that it would have been much more enjoyable for me on the sidelines 😆

Rach in BODYJAM42

I did manage to get lots of piccies though, and it’s not just my memory that proves that Rach was clearly the hottest one there! Rach just ROCKS!

Whoever was the mean fella that said bad things about her on the LMI forums can go jump, cuz Rach is the most special thing that’s happened to Les Mills!

Some of the tunes I recognised and in particular the recovery track is a song I LOVE and I’ve been meaning to get hold of, except I don’t know what it’s called. Now it’s in Jam at least I know I’ll be able to track it down in around 3 months. 😉

I think Jammers should be very excited about this release coming around…


No Combat

Didn’t end up doing combat this morning since it was Joe doing an old mix on his own. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to stay and do his class, but I just need to look after my body a little bit. My back is heaps better than it was, and I’m mostly ok when I’m exercising cuz the movement makes it feel better, however I don’t want to push my luck.

Joe's BODYCOMBAT class

I watched Joe teach the first few tracks. He started off with one of my all time favs, Nessaja, for the warmup. Then switched back to BC28 with The Final Countdown. I left during track 3 so I could come back and have a snooze. And boy, snooze I did, for 3 hours……eeek.

Day 1 over

haha, I’m a bit tired {said in the chirpiest way possible}. The combat didn’t end up being a video rehearsal class, but I stayed anyway. It was actually interesting to do a normal class on the timetable that didn’t have a Presenter teaching it. It’s the first time I’ve done that. What felt odd was that although she was a great instructor, it felt a lot like she was regurgitating stuff from the videos. There was a lot of cues and feel and innuendo’s that I could clearly see have come from Rach. It must be hard I suppose, teaching at LM-WOF and trying to live up to the standard of the choreographers and I guess most members wouldn’t notice.

One thing that put me off was she taught the jabs, ascending elbows, jabs, knee combo the wrong direction, like Eryx brought up in this post. It was completely unsettling, because like Eryx says, it puts you on the wrong foot. But what was worse is that when you do the block before the slow double roundhouses, it put her onto the wrong leg……which meant the combo we’d been doing before, we were now doing on the other side. And same happened vice versa. I’m not sure if she just made a mistake and that was her way of covering it up, or if she’s actually learnt it wrong?

I ended up staying for the filming class of pump. I ran into PJ and we had a quick chat before the class and that convinced me to stay. Also Wayne and his girlfriend Emily were doing it up the front so I thought “why not? I’ll just lift light weights.” Yeah right, I keep forgetting there’s no such thing as light with those bars! Most of it is a blur, the main things that stand out in my mind is that the warmup didn’t seem too crash hot, but the rest was great from there. oh, and I hope you guys are enjoying the bench lunges 😈

I skipped the abs so I could go get a sports drink to help me through Attack. As I mentioned earlier attack was the filming rehearsal. One of the tracks is a previous combat track and those plyos, ouch. I dunno if this one is hard or if it’s just cuz I’m struggling extra at the moment? The humidity, lack of sleep, multiple classes……….man I was smashed. There’s a new move thingy that looked really scary when they were previewing it (preview is part of the chorrey), but it was actually ok to pick up.

I met Linda. Wow, this has been one of the things I’ve really been looking forward to. It was kinda special. I’m just not too sure about the circumstances under which we initially met, and spent our first hour together………um, maybe that’s a secret that should be kept just between me and Linda? 😈

Later had tea with Wayne and Emily, filled up on pasta to hopefully recover for the onslaught tomorrow. Filmings start tomorrow night!!!!

1st Day in Auckland

So after quite a late night last night I got up early for the 9.10am combat class, hoping they might do a practise with the filming release. But worse than that, no instructor turned up! People started walking out after 10-20mins and the class was cancelled. The ironic thing was that there were probably about 5-10 combat instructors there coming for the filmings, including myself, yet none of us had music anyway. The weirdest thing was I chatted briefly with a couple of the members and I asked them what this new release is like, and she replied that it’s good, but she liked the old one better…….that was just strange hearing her say “the old one” since she was talking about BC32 which we haven’t even released yet!

I wandered back down to Studio 2 where a step class was commencing soon and ran into Wayne again. Shortly after this Vanessa turned up and I chatted with these guys until the class started and I went back out to the LM clothing store to drool over the clothes. I accidently left a pair of my shorts at home so I just HAD to buy an attack pair. I don’t have much attack clothing anyway so I could do with them anyway, even though I’m broke! I drooled over the newest range of shirts that they have for all the programs, but I really just can’t justify NZ$140 for them, I could buy 2 tops for that! I know they’re good quality, but until I’m richer I need to stick to below $100 per item. While looking at clothes I was fortunate enough to run into combatchez…………the girl with noknickers! 😆 I have to say, through running this site being recognised isn’t something I’ve gotten used to yet……hehe.

Then headed back upstairs for the practise class of Body Balance 38. Jackie, Anita, Dr Dave and another guy who’s name I missed were presenting. I love my first impression of this release. It has a very different feel. Without giving too much away, I recognised 2 songs that were combat cooldowns. Jackie mentioned at the start of the class that this release has a change of format, a different flow. She said that normally we work all the different body parts in each track, but this time the structure was slightly relaxed and weren’t necessarily in the right order. I was looking out for this during the class, but I didn’t notice a huge difference from usual. There still seemed to be the basic structure of Tai-chi, sun sals, standing strength etc, but maybe I’ll notice more when I do it again. There’s a couple of new moves in this release, but I don’t want to give too much away.

After this I ran into Vanessa again and we went and had lunch. Nike store was the next destination……..since we don’t have a Nike store in Adelaide I just drool when I go in there. I love their Nike Frees they’ve got at the moment! Oh man…..I have to keep telling myself “no mel, you can’t afford it”. I have to walk out of there wiping the dribble away.

So this is quite a full update, There’s combat, pump and attack this afternoon, so I might go along to combat and see if they’re practising the latest release. Hopefully there’ll be an instructor this time… Pump…hmmm, might give that a rest, but I’ll definately stick around for attack. Vanessa tells me that they’re definately rehearsing the filming release tonight.

Arrived in Auckland

The plane flight over here was relatively uneventful. I’m finally starting to feel like a seasoned “traveller”. Only my second time overseas, but here I am flying on my own, negotiating Terminal 3 in Sydney and getting from Auckland airport to my shoebox all on my own. It feels kinda strange, since I’ve always gone places with someone and once upon a time I would have been scared doing this, but now I’m just relaxed about it.

I had a connecting flight in Sydney, which meant we had a shuttle bus take us from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3. It was strange cuz the bus went past all the workshops where the planes were lined up for service. Something I’ve never seen before so I thought it was fascinating. Our plane was 30 mins late departing, grrrr……….but we made up time and landed on time in Auckland at 11.30pm. I caught a shuttle bus to the city and what a coincedence, on the same shuttle bus was Wayne who I met last year. We chatted for a while on the bus, told me about the other filmings he’s been to etc.

I’m quite mad though at the moment. International roaming won’t work on my phone AGAIN! Last time Optus screwed up, and now they’ve done it again. How hard can it be to get it right?

Off to bed and I’m getting up early to combat in the morning.

Back is much better

My back is feeling much better thank gawd. It’s still a bit painful when I do some things, but it’s mostly ok and I can stand upright now and walk around without looking like a duck. Hopefully this means it’s just another one of those short bouts that will disappear completely within a few days.

Flights are now all booked to NZ. Leaving Saturday afternoon so that I arrive in Auckland late Saturday night. I may try and find an attack class to do on Monday which might hopefully be the preview for the filming release. I’d like to get a practise in, cuz I’m slow with coordination when I don’t know the chorrey. The attack filming is on Monday so if I could get a practise in that’d be helpful. Vive is straight after the attack filming and I think I might stick around for that. We’ll see. The Jam filming is on before attack, but I just really don’t know if I’ll do it this time around. Gandalf has promised me that it’s getting easier, but I dunno, the class just continues to make me feel incompetant.

I think it’s because everybody has a different learning style. Most people are predominantly visual learners. I’m quite a strong aural learner, with a fair bit of kinesthetic. Most visual learners don’t really “get” non-visual learners. People sometimes say to me “you know that girl that was wearing the red top” and I have absolutely no idea. I remember everything people say, but NOTHING that people wear or look like. I’m unlikely to even remember hair colour. As an example I’ve been to a couple of workshops now with sofie and I’ve pointed out to her things that I’ve heard the presenters say, yet she doesn’t remember it. I hear EVERYTHING 😉

Coming back to Jam, I think it’s a program that relies strongly on a visual learning style. I just can’t pick it up. I need someone to tell me where to put my left foot, where to put my right foot, how slow, how fast……but then you just can’t do that with jam 😆

ok I’ll admit maybe if I did it more often I’d get better at it, it’s like all the programs right? Like where am I going to fit extra time in my week? 😉

OK back to the filmings. So attack and vive monday night………Tuesday & Wednesday try and find some preview classes for combat and balance and maybe some other stuff in the meantime? Dunno, not planning too much just now till I get there. Then Thursday is the filming for pump, combat and balance. Well step is in there aswell, but no step this time for me. I’ve done the whole mad “do all the filmings” thing last year, so I’ll pace myself this year and just do the one’s I’m mad about.

Going to Auckland

well not only am I going to Auckland, but I figured this was an appropriate time to work on my “Going to Auckland” section on totallylesmills. So today being ANZAC day and all left me with a bit of spare time to recall my previous trip.

The main crux of it is there and now my only other little 2 projects are to work on “accomodation” and “places to eat”. Those will be coming next, but there’s a little more work involved there. This next trip next week will give me an extra opportunity to remember everything that’s needed to know about going to the Les Mills filmings.

I’m a little bit nervous now though because for some reason I’ve seriously aggravated my back. I haven’t had problems this bad in years, but I’m struggling to move around or pick things up at the moment. Let’s just hope it clears up after a couple of days cuz this could end up being REALLY bad timing. All I did to aggravate it was get up out of a chair…..pffft. I somehow just turned the wrong way and ……wham…….now I can’t stand up straight. Nurofen Plus is my friend….

Sydney FILEX Super Workshop

what a great weekend! I flew down with Georgia on Friday night and we arrived late at night, staying with her family about 20-30 mins from the city. They were kind enough to drop us off in the morning at our motel where we were staying that night so we could leave our bags there before taking off for the Expo.

Well first things first though, a stop off at Starbucks for the first coffee variation I’ve ever really enjoyed. Most people who know me know I don’t drink coffee, and it’s not cuz I’m healthy, it’s cuz I don’t like it! However I had what I think, from memory, was a caramel macchiato or something……….YUMMMMMMM!

Then I wandered around the Expo for most of the morning, Georgia and I went our seperate ways because sometimes I just need some “me” time and prefer to be on my own, so this gave me a chance to wander aimlessly around the various stands and look at some stuff I’d be interested in buying for my Personal Training. One thing I was particularly interested in researching about while I was there was some computer software for helping me manage my clients and have a database of all the info. I think I’ve found the perfect software, but it’s incredibly expensive. I think I really need to consider a business plan before taking on this software.

Then later Sofie had a break from her Filex lectures and we briefly caught up and it was around this time I accidently ran into DavidH. I’m quite impressed he recognised me from my photos, apparently I actually look a little bit like some of them, haha!

Not long after Sofie ended up heading off to another lecture, so I spent quite a bit of the afternoon with David and during this time met up with Gumby (aka HappyPants) and Rinoa.

Saturday night then out to tea with Sofie, Georgia, Mike, sycho and nitecherub. Really fantastic to meet all you guys! Especially Mike……..after 4 years we finally meet! Mike is one of the few left from the days of the old proboards forum…..and even the ultra old LMI forums! Near the end of our meal I decided to try and give Jamie a call, seeing as he felt we weren’t good enough to have dinner with. 😉 I asked him where he was and he said “Darling Harbour” and I said “so I am, where abouts exactly?” He replied evasively “at a restaurant”, and I’m like “me too, I’m at the Water….house……or water something”. I started walking out of the restaurant cuz Jamie wouldn’t tell me exactly where he was, I thought I’d go have a look. Then I stopped and said “um, Jamie turn to your left”. He was standing about 10m from me 😆 As it turns out he was eating out at the same restaurant as us! How’s that for coincedence.

Next day we got up early for the workshop. I’ve written a full report of the workshop day on totallylesmills. Was great to meet up with Meg from the new forums.

It was a great weekend and the only thing that marred the whole weekend is that we nearly didn’t get our flight on the way home. Quite stressful and mainly caused by a lady and her kids arguing with the check in lady, essentially holding up the priority line full of people urgently needing to check in for flights about to leave. We managed to check in with about 5 mins to spare which left me quite nervous about the fact that I hadn’t bought any air sickness tablets yet. With no time to buy any, I rudely interupted the line of people at the chemist thingy we went past, begged the lady to urgently sell me air sickness tablets, thanked her and then took them hurriedly as we ran to the gate with just a few minutes to spare.

Good news: we made it

Bad news: I got terribly air sick anyway

Thankfully I didn’t throw up, but I wasn’t in particularly great shape when I landed………and continued to feel seedy in my pump/balance classes last night. Anyone reading this blog that might have been in my classes, now you know why if I seemed a bit quiet last night 😉

More Bad News: Georgia’s luggage didn’t make it………got left behind and so wasn’t going to arrive till later that afternoon.

More Good News: this is a last minute surprise, but I’m going to the Auckland filmings next week! Very last minute which means lots of organising to do. Clients to reschedule, classes to get filled in etc. Assuming I can get a flight aswell. My head is kinda reeling at the moment with everything that’s all happened at once.

Oh, and I’ll make SURE I remember my camera this time………….AND spare air sickness tablets….

Busy week

well, been another busy week. Bout to start packing to leave for Sydney tonight!!!

yay, Filex here we come……!

I think I might sleep on the plane, I need to catchup …….haha

There’s going to be lots of excitement to report of the weekend. Maybe photos, if I remember to pack the camera!


While having a bit of a browse through the statistics for my websites I happened to noticed some referrals coming from other sites. After some browsing I noticed that there was at least one site that has hotlinked to my piccies on my server for totallylesmills.

This is one of my pet hates. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t pretend to own the copyright to the images or anything, but hotlinking is stealing MY bandwidth. For those who aren’t sure what hotlinking is, let me explain. When we create a website using your own host, such as I have here and with all my other sites, I pay for server space and I get allocated a certain amount of bandwidth (downloads). If someone was to download a picture and then upload it to their own site, then so be it. However hotlinking refers to actually linking to and displaying the image while it’s still hosted on my server. What this means is that when someone browses that page it uses the bandwidth on my server, without me ever getting credit for my site.

Now I actually have tons of bandwidth, but that’s not the point. Hotlinking is considered incredibly rude.

So what I have done is created a .htaccess file, restricting the access to my images, meaning you can hotlink no more. Like I said……it’s just one of my little pet hates. So I like to educate people on good netiquette and to NEVER HOTLINK!

There, I feel better now 😉

Another package

I got another parcel today for my birthday……..this time from Holland! Thankyou Alexander  😉

How happy I am to know so many people all over the world…….haha. I feel very special that so many people around the world care and appreciate what I do with the website. I know it seems to have arrived late after my birthday, but it actually arrived at the post office last week, but I haven’t been able to get in to collect it, and with the long weekend and everything….

By the way, the last gift I got (the chocolate’s) actually came from Zurich in Finland……..I stand corrected, haha. It seems I get my Swedish, Switzerland and Swiss confused. The chocolates ARE Swiss chocolates though (or at least, WERE).

I actually had another 2 parcels I picked up today, but these weren’t birthday presents. One is my uni materials for my post grad degree which starts this week……..ugh, MORE on my plate 😯

The other was finally a copy of my free upgrade to Office 2007 (cuz I purchased 2003 at the right time). Not sure whether to install this yet. I’m a bit out of the IT loop, anyone got any advice on whether the major bugs are out of this version yet? lol

BBQ lunch

Had a casual barbeque at my house with my family plus Sofie and Denise. Georgia didn’t come but it turned out there was a mix up with dates and she could have come, but she thought I meant last Monday…..oh wells. It would have be fun but we’ll make up for it in Sydney in 2 weeks! 😉

As for Natty……..not sure what she was doing with her lazy butt… Might have to kick it tonight…….haha

Anyway, my family left early evening cuz they have a long drive home, but Sofie, Denise and I began our drinking. I’ve discovered that I really really like Butterscotch & Bailey’s shots……mmmmmmmm


Butterscotch & Bailey's shots


Where did the hat and glasses come from? 😯

Then later Sofie and I, for whatever reason started playing with the camera, mucking around and posing. Sofie is quite good at posing for the camera 😛


Sofie posing

She’s probably gonna hate me for posting this pic, but I don’t care cuz I think it’s a nice pic. In comparison I’m super crap at posing. It’s just not something that comes naturally to me. It for the same reason I struggle at Jam…….I need someone to tell me where to put my left leg, my right leg, all my body parts etc…. :lol: 

But then at one point when I gave up trying to pose, Sofie said to me, “act like you own the place”. Do you think it worked? haha



excuse the……..ahem…… wine spillage 😳

So anyway, Sofie and I ended up chatting and drinking till about 4am in the morning when we crashed. Thank gawd neither of us had to work in the morning….

Easter weekend

wow, I actually got an entire day off on Friday…….that’s the second day I’ve had off in a while (the other day off was last Sunday when I was hungover on my birthday, haha). So I caught up on sleep, and more sleep, then taught my usual BP/BA/BB triple on Saturday, usual classes on Sunday, BP and BB.

Easter Monday being a public holiday I did a BP/BA/BB triple again at Burnside Zest. I don’t have regular classes at Burnside, but I fill in there from time to time. Felt smashed after the 3 classes as I usually do, but it was a good feeling. I’ve been teaching BP54, a mix for BA and still doing the new release (BB36) for BB.

My attack mix went like this:

  • Can’t Stop to Follow (BA49)
  • Mr Vain (BA49)
  • Lolita (BA48)
  • Ola (BA49)
  • Rock dis room (BA48) ……(nah nah nah nah….nah nah nah nah….)

then back to the new release for the rest (I can only mix a portion at a time with attack):

  • Bad Day
  • Papa was a rolling stone
  • Wanna be free
  • Nowhere fast
  • World Hold On
  • When I Think Of You

I used this mix both Saturday and Monday. It went well and had us all puffing and sweating!!

Next came my afternoon lunch with my family and friends for my birthday (yes, my birthday is still going)

……to be continued……

New sections on &

I’ve started developing a new section on called “Going to Auckland” for those who wish to make the trip to a Les Mills filming.

I’ve been holding on to the idea for quite a while, but I’ve now made a progressive start since the idea was just “waiting” in my head.

Hopefully this will be as useful to the public as is the rest of the site!


Meanwhile, I’ve opened up a new downloads section for paying members of to download marketing materials and ideas for their own group fitness classes. The materials are all my own original materials. As a graphic designer in a previous life, I thought I’d make this stuff for my own classes and meanwhile I figured it was a great idea to share them to paying members.

Any suggestions and requests for marketing ideas please feel free to email me. Because I’m trying to limit spam I don’t want to publish my email address here, so for now please use the email form at totallylesmills. Or you might want to leave a comment here. 😉