oh dear

bloody hell, I broke my blog.

Yep, I deleted wordpress……..the software that runs this site.

damn, well at least I can restall it and the database is still intact. However, I’m going to have problems with the photos, and I’ll probably have to reupload the entire lot, manually, one-by-one.


Drinkies at Natties

So we had a girlies night at Nat’s last night which included Nat, Jess, Jo, Denise, Jo & Phil (don’t ask ­čść )┬áand myself. Phil fitted in with the girls incredibly well. The night included alcohol, nibbles, Guitar Hero’s and Singstar. I did way too much on the Singstar and with an already husky voice it ended up┬áalmost completely trashed for my classes the next morning. It almost sounded like I was hungover or something (sssssh ­čśł ).

Uploaded photos

Well I’ve finally uploaded all of the photos from Alex’s trip here into the gallery at groupfitness.org. I’m still yet to getting around to writing the correct captions on them all, but feel free to have a browse and comment on the piccies. Some nice memories there ­čśë

Alex in Adelaide

The Final Stand…

So Alex finally goes home. I took the morning off work so that we could…….well, get organised and pack and stuff to take him to the airport in the afternoon. We both had a huge sleep in though, since we were so tired from the previous weeks.Alex going home

Seems like time was so short, the morning went so fast and before I knew it we were hurrying to the airport……a bit later than we really should have been for an international flight.

Saying goodbye was harder than I thought. I’d only heard stories about people saying they had to walk away and couldn’t look back. I thought it was always just fairy tale wussy rubbish, but it’s true, I couldn’t look back. I just had to walk away and keep walking.

Then it was straight back to work for a solid evening booked out with clients. No chance to really think about things which is good I guess. Phil & Jo then invited me back to their house for dinner which was really sweet of them.

Alex and Mel

Combat launch

We launched the new combat today at Zest, with Sharon and I doing it in the morning…….and then I did the new release again in my evening class. When I launched in the morning I did tracks 1, 6, 7, 8, 9 10………and then in the evening I took most of it, with Jo shadowing with me and she took tracks 4, 5, 6.

In the morning I made a couple of mistakes, but none that anybody would notice. When it came to the evening class I guess I’d ironed out the kinks.

This release is just amazing, absolutely amazing. I thought it was amazing when I did it in Auckland 3 months ago, and I still think it’s amazing now! This release is also going to be special to me in many ways. Firstly, it’s the release I got to combat in Auckland along side Romeo……..that’s special in itself, let alone the fact I got to do it at the filmings. Second, it’s a release I got to spend time practising it with Alex and he got to participate in it twice before he left.

In the evening class I got Brandon and Alex to join us on stage for track 8, so us two girls in the middle with the boys on the outside. It was an awesome finish to Alex’s last class in Adelaide!

This release has now surpassed BC25 and 27 as my fav ever release.

  1. Awesome awesome awesome. I don’t know what else to say, this just brings back memories. It’s so fresh and different aswell. The first song is also in pump and I love it there too!
  2. Everybody’s screaming alright! WOAH WOAH WOAH! Linda and I screamed our little hearts out in Auckland…..I have to tone it down a bit when I’ve got the mic though, lol. Love the shuffle/roundhouses.
  3. STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP………brings back memories of track 3 from BC24, only better. Now I also know the origins of the dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah DAH DAH. Thank gawd we finally got put out of a misery, hey Eryx?
  4. IT’S A GOD DAMN KICK TEST! arrrggggh, are you noticing a common theme? Lots of screaming in this release. I haven’t had a chance to actually teach this track yet (just the way the tracks worked out last week), but I still love it. As I mentioned 3 months ago, there’s an obvious progression through the track 4’s since BC30.
  5. Not one of my favs, but a great split room track. Definately better than the last track 5. I think some people feel a little bit uneasy with the tuck jumps. I haven’t taught this one yet either, but my recommendation to instructors is make sure you show participants that they have an option.
  6. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Best track 6 ever (alongside Vogue and Bad & Sexy)!┬áLove how the ginga’s work in this track. oh, and recovery no longer exists……it’s all just hard work now, get lower and get deeper and send your heart rate up!
  7. Ok this is the one track I can’t seem to like. Odd chorrey, not a nice song and the jump knees at the end are just too hard for most people. There’s not enough time to talk about the options, so many people just end up standing there, which kinda defeats the purpose. I’ve been teaching this by starting off with the low option and then progressing to the high option, this seems to work a bit better.
  8. Another awesome track. Thanks Eryx for requesting this song and helping getting it in combat. It’s bloody brilliant. Slight complicated combo at the end, but nothing we haven’t had before. It’s just easy to mix up this combo with the one from Reach Out.
  9. Tricep blaster……..OUCH! I demo’ed it in the morning, and then Sharon and the participants felt I should demo it again, so I did. Still didn’t quite catch it, so I demo’ed it again, then again, then again…….ok that’s enough! By the time I did all that, then the track, then again in the evening………oh my triceps were sore the next day. Nice work ­čśë
  10. Beautiful but different cooldown. No real katas this time so it gives a bit of a rest from them. I like katas, but this still works ok because the cooldown is still interesting. It finishes off an ALMOST perfect release.

BBQ at Phil’s

Instead of the usual Tuesday night Primo’s, we all went to Phil & Jo’s for a BBQ. Congrats to Phil & Jo for getting me to actually like a chop, but then I think I ended up eating too much to enjoy the chocolate cake……….mmmmm.

Don’t think that stopped Alexander though.

Thanks to Alexander’s intense┬árelationship with the┬áchocolate cake we got to take some home with us, which then went down very well at breakfast in the morning……..which I managed to claim a few crumbs before Alex devoured it all.

Apart from the eventful chocolate cake, the other highlights were the viewing of the current stash of photos we have and also the romp on the floor with Natty and I, which someone somehow took a picture of ­čś»

During the photo viewing we discovered that Alexander had actually taken video footage of Natty and I doing jam at BADelaide………which will NOT end up on you-tube of course do to the fact that the audio is copyrighted ­čśÇ

As for the floor workout…….well…..

Natty and Mel

Crazy drive

I took Alexander up to my parents farm for the day today to see a bit of “Australia”, a bit more of a taste of our country. My parents live at Murray Bridge and run a farm up there. We didn’t get time to go around the 3000 acres that dad runs, but we did get to see the new property my parents are buying. Since dad has been unwell they are selling the farm, selling the house (2 seperate properties) and hoping to buy another property that has only 300 acres. A bit more managable for dad.

I was looking forward to having a spa at mum’s, but it turns out the spa was out of action.

Alex……no, I’m NOT getting in the pool……despite the nice days we’ve been having it’s still WINTER ok? ­čść

Kangaroo Sign

The drive home ended up being a bit more eventful than the way up there. The trip includes driving through the Adelaide Hills and Alex has been hanging out to drive on our country roads since the day he got here. I wasn’t keen on letting him drive my car, since not only am I unsure about how international licences work, but also I don’t know what extent of car insurance I have, not to mention the fact that he’s used to driving on the other side of the road! But on the way home tonight I relented and allowed him to drive for a little while.

I was scared.

Very scared.

Unbelievable, I don’t think I’ve ever been more scared than in any other situation. I don’t tend to go on show rides and stuff, cuz I get motion sickness even in an elevator……but this was scarier than even the rides I have been on. I think, by the end of the trip Alex had more fun with me freaking out than he did driving……….I’m not sure what that says ­čś»

To be honest, he didn’t drive particularly badly or whatever, but he did drive too close to trees and cars on my side of the car a few times…….until I informed him that that was freaking me out. I tend to be claustrophobic when I’m driving so I don’t like it when there’s 2 trucks either side of me. Alex left plenty of space for himself, but left me watching just how close we were getting to the trees and cars! His theory made sense, trees and parked cars don’t move……..but on coming traffic does.

Logic aside, it’s ME that’ll die if we hit one of those non-moving things!!!!!

When I took over driving again would you believe that I actually had to pull over and redeem myself……….much to Alex’s amusement. ­čś»

Catching up

Some of you may or may not have noticed that I’ve been slow in updating my blog lately. I’ve gone back and filled in the gaps of what’s been happening the last 2 weeks, but they’re a bit belated. Those of you who know me well know that I’ve kinda been pretty busy with having Alexander here as a guest and I’m not getting much internet time. This means groupfitness.org, totallylesmills.com, lesmills.com and my emails have been kinda neglected, however I HAVE been having a lot of fun (as well as extreme lack of sleep and working hard and………well never mind).

But now I’ve caught up a bit…..I managed to do a bit of catching up last week and I finished the rest off today thanks to hi-jacking Phil’s broadband (thanks Phil!). I live about 30 mins drive from work so it was too far to bother driving home this afternoon, so Phil let me sit on his verandah out the back and log into his wireless broadband………and boy, it was nice. oh I SOOOO wish I could get broadband!

So it feels good to finally catch up a little bit. Only 3 more days before Alex leaves. This is going to be interesting because I think his trip here has made some huge changes in my life. Just when I was sure of where I was going in life, now there’s so many more uncertainties again. I know I am going to be sad when he goes though, despite the fact that it’s been hard to keep on top of work…….I’m still going to miss him.

We launched Balance 38 today and I taught it again solo tonight but I’ll write about that later. What I do know is that tonight seemed really special and somehow there was an awesome energy in the room, I dunno what it was, but the class was amazing, the chorrey and all the music just felt beautiful.


Lauched attack this morning at Fernwood, although I was on my own and there’s no special preparation with the launches there, so it’s simply just the day I start teaching it rather than a dramatic launch. However I pleased myself with how well I remembered the chorrey. This release doesn’t feel like an awesome release to me so far, but┬áI enjoyed teaching some new chorrey.

  1. A good warmup track, lots of grapevines though and seems kinda random yet repetative at the same time.
  2. Like this track, different combinations that are fairly easy to learn.
  3. Love this one, although I love the original song more, but it’s awesome in attack again.
  4. Can’t get combat out of my head with this one, but the plyo lunges work.
  5. Difficult track but the song doesn’t really do it for me. All in all an ok track
  6. Straight forward running track. I’ve noticed the running tracks the last couple of releases are a bit simple. I think I’m starting to get slightly bored with just running in circles and then running in and out clapping. They had some awesome variations in the past, I hope we get some of them back again.
  7. ahh, this is the song that is in the radio advert for Knocked Up. Fun song and an ok track. Nothing brilliant though.
  8. One of my fav tracks, love this interval track. The last few releases my favs have been mainly track 8’s and 9’s interestingly.
  9. Love the new knee combo. The choreography setup is awesome and is easy for people to pick up.
  10. Side lunges again for legs, awesome. Love the song. Abs is ok aswell.
  11. Awesome cooldown. Had no idea it was done by Robbie Williams though, until I read on the chorrey notes that the artist was Robbie Williams┬á(with the Pet Shop┬áBoys)┬áand so I assumed that meant the song is sung┬áby Robbie Williams.┬á­čść

All in all an ok release. I think I need to let it grow on me a little more. I thought it was awesome when I did it in Auckland 3 months ago, but then everything in Auckland is awesome. The atmosphere is just amazing.


So finally a day to relax and do nothing. The plan was to try and get to Sofie’s step class in the evening, but I haven’t yet had a chance to learn chorrey and I have to teach the entirety of the new attack in the morning. So Alex and I stayed home and had a relaxing day, well mostly relaxing except that I was stressing learning chorrey.

I need to know attack for tomorrow, balance for Monday, combat for next Wednesday and then pump isn’t until the following Sunday, so at least they’re spread out a little.

Was supposed to get another early night……..but well….

Guitar Hero’s

Such a long working day for me on Thursday, so Alexander stayed at home and then I got Natty (well Adam actually) to pick up Alex up for me from my house and he and Natty went and did combat together with another instructor while I was working. Later Sofie and I were on the Zest stand together in the shopping centre, that was somehow boring and fun all at the same time.

When we finally finished there we headed off to Nat and Adam’s house for tea and we received another of Adam’s yummy dinners. Can I hire him Nat? lol

Guitar HeroÔÇÖs

It was cuddley and warm and fun and also included GUITAR HERO’S!!! Let’s just say I sucked at it and Adam and Nat must have too much time on their hands….lol ­čść

Guitar HeroÔÇÖs


Well, usually either Jo or Brandon shadow me during combat on Wednesday nights, however I got a message from Jo this afternoon that they wouldn’t be there. Sooooo, I turned to Alex and said, “well I guess you can come on stage and shadow me then”……his reaction was like “what?”

Combat for Alexander is the highlight of his entire trip. I can confirm that Alex is truly a hardcore combatter and he certainly doesn’t let the program down! I did the same mix as last week except that by request I did “In the Air Tonight” as the cooldown for Alex.

It was an AWESOME class. I was buzzing and Alex seemed to enjoy himself too. In track 8 at the spur of the moment I also dragged Natty up on stage. Despite her protests I know she loved it. I’ll make her a combat instructor yet! ­čśÇ

Just by coincedence Alex and I happen to have the same combat top from the NZ clothing store. So we both wore those tops and shared wraps so that we both had 1 pink wrap and 1 black wrap. The pink looked quite cute on him…..hahahaha.

BODYCOMBAT - Alex and Mel

Wednesday night combat as a new class initially took a few months to take off………but now it’s ROCKING. For an 8pm time slot it’s awesome and for the first time we had another MALE in the class apart from Brandon or Alex…….woohoo! GO THE BOYS! There should be more in combat.

oh and just as a refresher……..combat is NON-CONTACT! ­čść

I think I’m sore

says it all really……….my butt………OW!

I LOVE IT! ­čśł

I got asked to fill in attack at 6am this morning though. That was interesting. The soreness from doing 30kg lunges hadn’t quite set in yet. I managed to even drag Alex out to the class, since it’s the only Attack class he’ll have the opportunity to do with me (I only have a permanent attack at Fernwood, and they won’t let him in there…..lol). I did a mix for attack since we still haven’t launched at Zest yet.

Later I took Alex to the beach to show him around our country. I think it was Grange or somewhere around there I went to. We had the yummiest fish and chips at the local Fish and Chip shop, but I couldn’t but help crack up laughing when I spoke to the guy running the store and discovered he had a kiwi accent…….that’s gold ­čść


I couldn’t help stopping to take this piccie, or at least, stopping and asking Alexander to take the piccie. It’s supposed to be the middle of winter here, but it’s such a fine day that the sun was shining and created this awesome reflection. oh, by the way, do you think I look├é┬ácool in Alex’s jacket?

Alex on the jetty

Insane lunges!

well, I dunno if the day I had off sent me slightly nutty, but after doing pump at 6am, balance at 11.30am………when I got to my 7pm pump class I still had energy in me for a stupid challenge. I say stupid, cuz this one I lost……lol.

Ready to Go is a hard enough squat track as it is, but I decided to go ahead and do 30kg in that track………and that’s a weight I’ve only tried twice before and nearly died. But I did it, and survived. I think Alex was kinda impressed……….30kg for a girl anyway.

But then we got to lunges. I figured I’d have a go at 20kg in lunges which I’ve done many times before, but then someone pointed at Alexander’s bar and pointed out the 30kg he had on his bar. I groaned. There’s NO WAY in the world I could do 30kg lunges…….not with good form. Or could I? Oh geesh, so I put 30kg weight on the bar (what was I THINKING). Then, Alex immediately upped his weight to 40kg……….oh right………ok, so we got Alex up on the stage. Me doing 30kg, and Alex doing 40kg.

The track was Breathe from BP58…….not a particularly easy track, but thankfully it was without the bench. I couldn’t believe how well I actually did, I felt strong enough to battle with the weight, until the last set of singles. I could feel my range of motion starting to falter and I could feel my form about to get shaky. I have├é┬á1 rule in pump, I NEVER give up and put the bar down……..however I also have a second rule, I do not continue with bad form. The second rule won.

Alexander thought that was quite amusing………grrrrr

The members also thought it was quite amusing me struggling like hell whilst Alex was doing it easy………grrr

Hell…….it was fun though! I’m guessing my legs are gonna hurt tomorrow!


  1. I’ll Be Your Light – BP58
  2. Ready To Go – BP43
  3. Sing Halleluja – BP48 Celebration
  4. On the Bible – BP48 Celebration
  5. Let’s Get Down – BP58
  6. Stand By Me – BP58
  7. Breathe – BP58
  8. Round and Round – BP58
  9. Intuition – BP58
  10. Liberatio – BP55

Lazy Day

oh it’s so nice to have a day off. Wasn’t too hungover thank god, but definately lack of sleep and dehydration still got me. Slept in till 11am and then didn’t get out of bed till 3am…….nice! ­čśŤ

In the evening I took Alexander to show him the Barossa Valley, up Menglers Hill, showed him where Lindsay Park is, the racing stables I used to work at years ago before I injured my back. Later we stopped by the restaurant called 1918, a wonderful restaurant although terribly expensive. But it’s the place to go when you’re visiting.

Wonderfully pleasant……..wish life could be like this every weekend….