BODYVIVE training – Day 3

It’s finally all over, 3 full on days. Have to say I’m not used to full days from 9-5, my schedule is usually all over the place with breaks in between!

Anyway, we did our presentations in the morning with our third tracks. I have to say it was hard to learn the timing on this one at the end. You do a stretch for 3 sets of 8 counts on one side, and then 5 sets of 8 on the other side. It’s just all over the place! You just have to kinda go randomly with this one and know the music well enough to know when the end is coming.

So not only did I have to learn and present this track, but then I still had to go over my first track to present it for our baby practice launch in the afternoon. We drew up a table of who was presenting, who was on stage, who was wearing mics and all the mic changeovers and stuck it on the wall behind the stage. Thank gawd we did this, cuz when the time came I had no way of remembering when I was gonna be on. All in all I think it was a pretty successful launch!

I’m also pleased to say that after the 3 days I passed!

The system has changed now from what it used to be. Where they used to give you your certificate you no longer get one. You get passed as a trainee instructor and you’re only a qualified instructor once you do your video. So the options are like this:

  • Pass as a trainee
  • Withheld for further development
  • Resit for re-training

It will be interesting to see if this does actually encourage more people to end up actually doing their videos?

BODYVIVE training – Day 2

Day 2 down and 2 presentations over. Wow.

Trainings are always full on. So in the morning we did our 1st presentation. I have to say it never really gets any easier…..even after 5 trainings. Ok, well it gets a bit easier, but you still get nervous. I think I did pretty well in my track, I made a couple of minor chorrey mistakes. Not major, but just stopped the knee repeaters 1 knee earlier and stuff like that. But since it’s filled with marches in between it’s easy to cover it up.

When it came to receiving feedback, she commended me for some of my cues which I have to say has really showed the benefits of my pro-instructor training. All the cues she pointed out were all pro-instructor type cues and it’s stuff that just comes second nature to me now. Felt pretty good about that. On the constructive side she said my moves could be bigger and more powerful. A few of us pulled back too much as it is a Vive training, the result being we became TOO quiet in our moves. It may not be BODYATTACK, but the moves can still be more energy. So something for me to work on, although admittedly that’s something that tends to happen with me when I’m learning something new…….my moves aren’t as big and since I’m tall things are emphasised more.

For the second presentation in the afternoon I had track 8, Eye of the Tiger. Not sure what got into my head, but I decided the step to the angle move was a bit like a 3D version of Connect 4……and I concluded the track with “Eye of the Viver….” …….hehe, the other guys liked that one.

Late afternoon we started planning and coordinating who was going to do what for our BODYVIVE launch. We still have our 3rd presentation in the morning, but we have to do present the whole class for the afternoon. I’m going to be teaching tracks 5 and 6 and I’ll be shadowing for 3 and 8. All of us will be on stage for tracks 11 and 12 at the end.

BODYVIVE training – Day 1

The day started off with the usual intro and paperwork stuff with the training being taken by Sharyn Zrna, our local Adelaide trainer. The group is a pretty small group of us, with only 6 doing the training. As always happens with all Les Mills trainings, we had the masterclass pretty early on. It felt odd suddenly realising that I’m in a training of a program I know little about. All my previous trainings I’ve known the insides and outs of the program way before training in it.

We were assigned our tracks after the masterclass. Vive has a slightly different structure in that over the 3 days we have to present 3 entire tracks. Since the training occurs over 3 consecutive days (Fri, Sat, Sun) we have to present our 1st track of the morning of day 2, the 2nd track in the afternoon of day 2 and the 3rd track on the morning of day 3. Then the afternoon of Day 3 as a group we have to launch BODYVIVE 4 to an entire class consisting of members and friends and whoever we can bribe to come along!

So my tracks for the weekend are track 5, 8 and 6 (the order we have to present them due to the structure of the vive format).

So back to learning chorrey for now. More chorrey, yay….lol 😆


I can’t quite believe I’ve done this, but I’ve registered for BODYVIVE training in SA. This will give me further skills in the industry I’m incredibly passionate about and will be my 5th Les Mills training. I don’t think I will teach 5 programs simultaneously, because I think 4 is my limit of choreography I can remember at a time. But I have my reasons for adding an extra program and in general it will also make me more versatile.

Maybe I’m a little bit crazy aswell 😉

I ran City To Bay!

City To Bay

I made it in approximately 1 hr and 10 mins, although I haven’t seen the official results times yet. I’m pretty happy with that being my first time and not only was I taking it a little easy, but also I haven’t done a great amount of training for it. I can thank pump, combat and attack for my fitness, and balance for helping me be strong and injury free 😉

The first kilometre was partially uphill and was possibly the hardest part (apart from the end when you’re tired). It took me by surprise the number of people who were already walking after 500m. 12km is a mean distance if you have to walk after 500m!!!

There were signs each kilometre and I have to say they were kind of motivating. I didn’t notice the first one, but when the second kilometre went by I thought “oh gawd, 10km to go”. Staggered along the run were various forms of entertainment, bands etc, which had various levels of quality. Some were good, some were really bad………but the bad ones took my mind off the pain. The cutest was the 3 kids (or was it 4?) playing in a band on the back of a ute or truck or something.

At the 6km point I wasn’t too sure if I was going to make the whole way without walking. Energy wise I was fine and I felt I could have pushed harder, but pain I was struggling. My hip flexors and the insides of my knees were agony.

A few more kilometres down, some more entertainment and then there was only 2km to go. Still in pain, but I knew now I’d make it. After the previous 10km there was no way I could give up now. The finish became taunting, we could kinda see the bay and that it wasn’t that much further to go.

But then we took a turnoff, I could have groaned. The finish seemed to be so close and then we were heading down another road. Finally we turned again and we were heading back to the bay.

Right at the end there was a turn and 100m further was the finish line. At this point I felt a major surge of energy. Seeing the finish line just suddenly gave me amazing amounts of motivation, and the girls I was running with agreed. We made it through, but I didn’t think to check my watch immediately.

They hurried us straight through, gave us a newspaper a bag, then out into all the tents where thousands of people were milling around.

I feel satisfied for having completed my first city to bay run, and I’m proud of the girls who were training with me and they also completed it well. I think it’s a fantastic result for a first effort!

Busy week

ok it’s been a long eventful week…….or maybe it’s been short. Either way it’s been pretty huge for me, but only those close to me understand for now.

Also this week I have announced in a few discreet places that Alex and I are officially “together”, despite the fact we’re so far apart. It’ll only be a matter of time before we can be together again……hopefully sooner rather than later. For those who read my blog and “suspected”, yes you can put your mind at ease……we fell in love.

oh and to answer the most common question…….of COURSE it’s reciprocated 😆

Isn’t it funny how just when you think you know where life is going, it takes a sudden turn on you and the future seems like a blank canvas.


So as you can see I’ve mainly got my blog back up and running, and I even found I was lucky enough to have a backup (which has my images) that I did back in June 07. So that means I’ve only got a few months worth of images I need to reupload on the forum (which means editing each post).

That’s not too bad, much better than having to do the whole lot!

People are probably asking, why is someone with an IT degree not backing up more often? One word -> dialup. It gets quite painful uploading and downloading as it is, without having to do entire backups of my sites.

I know I know, I should do it more often………so far I’ve been lucky. At least my host keeps backups of the database, that’s awesome and has got me out of trouble!