The Netherlands – here we come!

I’m most of the way through packing and I can’t quite believe the time has come! I expect I’m probably not going to sleep well tonight. This is the first time I’ve gone away for so long and so far.

The last 2 weeks I’ve been busy making task lists faster than I could do the items on the list. But I’ve mostly gotten through everything, all the organisation I’ve had to do (along with having my lazy pregnancy snoozes from time to time ­čść ). Even though I think I’ve managed to make it in getting packed, it meant that I couldn’t make it to Sofie’s birthday dinner tonight. I feel sorry I couldn’t catch up with her but I knew I’d be cutting the line way too thin if I tried to go.

Even little things like photocopying important documents seemed to all add up. I feel better now though knowing that there are photocopies of things like my passport, credit card, licence etc all in trusty hands.

Still got a few things to pack and waiting for some washing to dry aswell. But at least my flight isn’t till 3.30pm which means I have a little time in the morning to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything! At least I’m not teaching in the morning, I was nearly going to do pump before going to the airport if we couldn’t get a fill in. Most people think I’m nuts! lol

I’m going to miss all my classes while I’m away and miss all my friends! But I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing Alex again……….even if it is cold. ­čśë┬á I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s going to be like when I first see him at the airport again. It’s the kind of thing you usually only read about.