I don’t know if you can call this a frost, but by Australian standards it definitely puts a “frost” to shame.

Heavy frost

When there’s dew overnight it freezes on top of the previous dew and it ends up with heavy layer of ice everywhere. You can’t quite see how white it is from the pic, it doesn’t really do it justice. Almost looks like snow, except it didn’t fall out the sky. I think it looks beautiful (from the warm comfyness of Alex’s loungeroom)!

Later as it warmed up a little (I think from about -2C to approximately 1C), the ice began to fall off the tree’s and it looked like snow falling……creating a thin layer of snow around the base of the trees (which Alex delighted in throwing a small snowball at me later).

3 thoughts on “Frost?

  1. Its called Haar frost – and its been covering large parts of Chocolate & Cheese land as well. Upto 1cm thick ice crystals – really nice – until the snow fall on boxing day. The only downside – we have not seen the sun in 10 days – unless you drive up the hills / mountains above the inversion layer.

  2. Hey Mel, thought I’d look you up and see how your doing!
    It looks beautiful over there, you must be having a blast. Its so nice that you and Alex were together over christmas, I hope that everythings coming together so he can move over here asap!

    Hope to speak to you soon though, take care! (How did your scan go?)

  3. Mel,
    Haven’t stopped by since your dad was ill. Boy or Girl, have you had a busy few months. Congratulations on the baby. Enjoy them while they are small, the next thing you know they are off to High School. Many blessings, Happy New Year, I would say you will have your hands full. Will check back more often. Maybe one day I will make it down under or come by LMI HQ to do a quarterly!!


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