Nero error message

While trying to burn some CD’s using Nero today, I encountered possibly one of the most amusing error messages I think I’ve ever seen.

I can’t recall exactly what I was trying to do, but I got the usual error noise as the error message box popped up saying:

“No Error Occured”


Perhaps Nero could have enlightened me as to what actually occured then?

Found rental property

After all the stress of selling my house I’ve had to urgently find another house to move into, which is never fun at the best of times let alone when you’re pregnant!

But now I can finally say I’ve secured a property, which although it’s a bit small with no back yard, it is a 3 bedroom house that’s only 12 months old and tiled throughout, so it’s really clean and tidy. This is great considering some of the other houses I looked at which were dodgy with horrible carpet and smelled of cigarette smoke! It’s probably a good thing that I don’t get a large house and accumulate too much stuff at this point in time anyway.

I get the keys on the house next Friday, so that gives me 2 weeks to move my stuff. Now I only have to get the animals sorted 😯

Final combat class

……for a while. While I’ve still been kinda going strong, I figured that it was time I stepped down and started resting a bit more, and I’ve also been tired of getting anxious each week about whether I’ll be “ok” or not.

So, 33 weeks pregnant I did my last class for a little while (hopefully not for too long)…………and although we’ve only been doing BC35 for 3 weeks or so, I decided to do a Scooter mix as my finale.

1. Shake that/Bom bom Suenan (BC27) – second half is non scooter, but can’t do anything about that
2. The United Vibe (BC35 – current release)
3. Move your ass (BC17)
4. Take a break (BC23)
5. Faster Harder Scooter (BC16) – not scooter singing, but it was originally a scooter song
6. Behind the cow (BC33)
7. The Pretender (BC35) – there’s no scooter muay thai tracks, so just doing the current release
8. Back in the UK (BC31)
9. We Got it going on (BC34) – no scooter ab tracks
10. What have you done (BC34) – no scooter cooldowns, so this is kinda an upbeat one to finish with

Somehow after a few tiring days I was full of energy today, not sure where the energy came from but I was also feeling enthusiastic about teaching this Scooter mix. So this class felt AWESOME, I even felt like maybe I could keep continuing combat, but I know really that it’s much better to finish while still on a buzz.

What an awesome night………..I think I’ll sleep well…


Everyone in Adelaide has only just gotten over the 15 days above 35C and now all of a sudden I find myself waking up in the middle of the night and it’s pouring down with rain! I’d forgotten what that sounded like, but it’s so nice to finally have some moisture in the air and something to wet the parched ground. So many lawns are dead now so it’s going to be nice to see some greenery again for a while!

Zest sold

I’ve just found out via my own forum that Zest, the gym I work for, has been sold to Macquarie. I find it particularly amusing that I find out first via the internet rather than from work, but then on the other hand I have to admit I did forget to check my pigeon hole last night.

Interesting, I wonder if I’ll be gone before Goodlife take over? Dunno what their timeline will be like for taking over?

The new club being developed by Zest in North Adelaide has been in planning for quite some time. I put in an application for GFM there last year sometime, but then the planning for the club was delayed due to some sort of approvals. I heard recently that the club was intended to be opened around April/May this year and they were taking applications again for all staff positions. It’s been advertised internally to staff here, but since I’m due in May this has meant I don’t have the opportunity to apply for these positions now. However now I’ve heard that Goodlife plan on opening the North Adelaide Club in December, so I dunno what’s happening to all the plans now?

Maybe if the opening of the club is delayed I might be back from The Netherlands by then and I’ll be able to apply for a job in the new club then!

Wow, what a spanner in the works!

Hot spell is finally over

wow, after 15 days with temps above 35C, we’ve finally seen a cool change. Phew, I think everyone has been getting a bit nutty. It’s apparently the hottest spell ever recorded for a capital city in all of Australia.

Although I’ve been coping reasonably well cuz I’ve got good air conditioning, I’m glad the spell is over, cuz trying to do anything outside has been very fatiguing.

11 consecutive days above 35C

I used to love hot weather, but I guess my tolerance has dropped slightly now. I’m really lucky that this house (even though it won’t be my house for much longer) has really good ducted evaporative air conditioning, which means I can just leave it on all day and it costs next to nothing to run. Evaporative is usless if it’s humid weather, but here in Adelaide we’re usually lucky enough to get no more than around 1 day per summer where this will occur.

So, it’s been really pleasant inside my house, with the air con keeping it to below 27C during the day and bringing it down to 21C in the evenings which is freezing cold for me! So at least I get really comfortable nights (as far as temperature goes…….not so comfortable being pregnant).

But, it’s incredible we’ve actually now had the longest hot spell on record…….11 days above 35C and there’s no end in sight to the hot weather. At this stage the hot weather is expected to continue till next week. I know lots of people are suffering and getting grumpy because of it.

Teaching while pregnant

I need to say, that I have been quite surprised at how uncomfortable BODYBALANCE is beginning to become to teach. Out of all my programs I teach I expected that BODYBALANCE I’d keep on doing the longest. But now I’m starting to get a bit bigger, BODYBALANCE is getting really cumbersome………I can’t do forward fold anymore, childs pose isn’t as comfortable as they say it is, and lunging from downdog is just bloody difficult. In actual fact laying on my belly to demo moves isn’t much of a problem for me and the difficulties are all in areas I didn’t expect.

Pump in comparison is quite easy although I have dropped my weights a lot. But basically I’m standing still in the same spot for most of it. Sometimes I have to get up and down off the bench, but that’s nothing like balance. Even combat is easy in comparison!

Despite that I’m still going strong and doesn’t look like I need to give up any classes just yet. I’m proud of the fact I’m still doing combat at 30 weeks pregnant 🙂

Alexander’s countdown – 47 days to go

I’m so excited, we can finally begin the countdown on Alexander’s return to Adelaide to be with me and the birth of our baby. 😛

We have finally confirmed flights for him coming here and also for our return for the 3 of us back to The Netherlands!!! He’ll be arriving here at around 6am ( 😯 ) on Sunday 20th April. I’ve been missing him so much, so to finally have a date to look forward to is fantastic. Since I’m due mid-May, that should hopefully give us a bit of “us” time alone together before our lives change forever.
The 3 of us will then return to The Netherlands leaving here 10th July. That gives us heaps of time after the baby is born and time for us to prepare for the travel.

It hasn’t been all that easy arranging all these things and there’s still lots to organise yet (such as baby stuff, what should we buy here, what should wait till we get to NL etc). But getting my head around visas and passports has been doing my head in.

To start with, I would have liked to have booked a 1 way flight only to The Netherlands, since I don’t know how long I’ll be staying there. However, I cannot stay longer than 90 days in Europe without a visa, so therefore they will not let me into the country without having a return flight. So, I figured I’d try to apply for a Temporary Residence Permit before I go. Turns out, that you have to do this AFTER you arrive in the country, you cannot do it from here. That’s stupid, so I have to purchase a return flight, despite the fact that I won’t actually be coming back straight away. This has meant that I have to pay extra for the option to be able to transfer my flight…….sigh, just another extra cost.

Then, not only this I discovered that you can’t book a flight for a baby that isn’t born yet nor can you get a passport for the baby. After a few phone calls and some phone calls on my Flight Agent’s part, we’ve found out that we just have to add the baby’s details on after it has born and we have to pay 10% plus taxes on whatever the cost of the fair is then, which will probably be more than it is now but there’s nothing we can do about that.

Then with the passports, our baby will be entitled to dual citizenship and dual passports. So I made enquiries as to how to go about this after the baby is born. Obviously the baby automatically obtains Australian citizenship, but the Dutch citizenship isn’t quite so easy. Basically, either Alexander and I need to be married prior to the birth of the baby, or he needs to declare that he is the father of the baby…………before it is born. Right ok, so how do we do that.

We have to go to Sydney 😯

They said it may be possible for Alexander to perform this declaration in The Netherlands and after Alex made some phone calls and enquiries it turns out that I have to be there too. Damn if we knew of this earlier we could have done it while I was there over Christmas……..grrrr.

Are you still with me? Got a headache yet?

oh and when I go to The Netherlands and apply for Temporary Residency so that I can stay longer than 90 days, I have to have an Apostille stamp on all my documents like birth certificates etc……..right, next job is to find out how to do that.
No wonder migration agents make so much money out of this stuff…..

House Under Contract

So our house is FINALLY under contract. Although I haven’t mentioned it as yet in my blog I don’t think, just before I left for The Netherlands in December we put this house on the market for sale. It’s about time it was finally organised and that was partly slackness on my part.

It was pretty quiet over Christmas, and all the inspections suddenly seemed to happen when my housemate was away for 3 weeks. That nearly killed me, being 6 months pregnant and preparing the house for multiple private and open inspections. It wasn’t just the house to prepare though, it was the outside and the 5 acres………and all the tidying and cleaning really knocked me out.

We had 3 offers on the house, and the first offer we agreed to pulled out the next day………so we chose the next offer with the best conditions. This means the house settles on 18th April, only 2 days before Alexander arrives back in Adelaide! Absolutely insane and just what I need……..pregnant and trying to move myself, furniture, 2 horses, 2 dogs, 1 cat and lots of horse equipment. Oh, and I need to find a rental property to move into…….oh yeah.

But at least it’s all happening now, some of these changes just needed to happen in my life, even if it all is scary!

BODYCOMBAT 35 launch

I launched BODYCOMBAT 35 with Brandon and despite it replacing a usual balance timeslot there was a reasonable turnout. I presented tracks 2, 3, 4 and 9 for the launch and was supposed to do track 6 aswell, but I suddenly got a terrible cramping pain during track 5 which then wiped my memory of the chorrey. I was a bit worried about the pain and didn’t know if it’d come back. Anyway it ended up fine and the rest of the class went ok.

I love love LOVE track 2 and 7. It was awesome to teach track 2 and everyone was smiling during it. Same thing happened when Brandon took track 7, smiles all round and I pumped the music up…….it was awesome.

Track 4 is certainly a huge workout with the 106 kicks and I love the way they now have lots of step kicks to allow everyone to get the hang of jump kicks better.

Overall this is quite a good release and it’s great to be teaching new fresh music again. Although my brain is struggling a bit taking in new chorrey at the moment, but still it’s always nice for the change.

BODYPUMP 65 launch

For the BODYPUMP launch there were actually 2 launches for this class, one on Saturday and one in my class on Sunday, since all the classes over the weekend were launch classes. Tim was supposed to launch with me, but I got a call on Friday asking if I could do it on my own, since Tim had been hit by a car while riding his bike. He’s ok apparently, but a bit bruised and shaken up.

So I had to learn the entire release on my own. I actually quite like this release, although a few of the tracks musically are not my favourite tracks. But nothing particularly offensive.

The warmup is a pretty standard warmup, but squats is awesome. They’ve really done some different stuff with the chorrey in track 2 and 3 and gone away from the standard 2/2, 3/1, 1/1, 4/4 type format. Makes it a bit interesting as an instructor, although slightly harder to learn. Track 4 is a pretty standard back track, although I love the fact they’ve used an awesome track from attack. Triceps and biceps are ok, although not favs, lunges a pretty good track without being too easy or too hard.  It’s good to see the MAC raise back again for shoulders and Stronger is bloody awesome! I love this song (it’s actually the ringtone on my phone) and the chorrey is fantastic……lots of hovers and not too many useless crunches. The cooldown……….meh.

Overall a good release and although things have been hectic lately it’s fantastic to have some fresh chorrey and music again!