Press play and go

Since I became a Les Mills instructor, the classes have always been pretty much Press Play and Go philosophy. Anything really important we might stop briefly to give a quick explanation before the class, but otherwise for the participants it’s a learn as you go philosophy. Generally in Australia there’s so much mixing aswell that participants get used to that nasty thing called “change”.

I’m beginning to discover here in the Netherlands that “change” is a really scary proposition. Aside from the fact that there’s not as much mixing (this is the not issue I’m discussing today), but participants really think that to get the most out of a class they need to know what’s coming up next. This is of course partially true, and is indeed one of the major benefits out of prechoreography. However, I believe that this benefit is more about making instructors BETTER (choreography is only 1 of the 5 key elements) rather than the prechoreography being all about the participants learning the chorrey. It’s to enable the instructors to deliver better classes.

That said, this morning I had a participant give me some feedback on the new release of bodybalance. They felt it a bit confusing that I didn’t stop and explain many of the tracks. Usually when a new release would come out, their previous instructors would drop a track so they could spend more time practising the moves to come up.

I listened to her and thanked her for her feedback. But I also went on to explain that part of it is because they are not used to my teaching style, and told her that there are also benefits to learning to listen, look and do all at the same time. This is a skill which actually has been proven to boost memory and can help reduce the chances of dementia in later life. So while they may feel a bit out of their comfort zone, may struggle a bit with the tai chi, or wobble more in the balance track………all these things are increasing their skills in other areas, even if it’s not strictly helping them get the best physical stretch at that moment. Coordination and proprioception are also very extremely valuable skills as well as strength and flexibility.

Do we sometimes lose sight of this in the effort to coach participants through the basic moves in a class?

I vote “yes” for Press Play and Go

3 months

OMG it’s been nearly 3 months since I posted on my blog! Before I married my husband one of my biggest blog fans was………my husband. If I didn’t write on it for a few days I soon heard about it from him, so that really motivated me to keep writing. But now, being a mother, stuck in the chores of daily life, plus the diversions of Facebook etc……….I’ve let this blog slide a bit 🙁

I have no idea if anyone is actually still reading here, but I did want to keep up to date with all the happening here………such as Les Mills launches, my progress with teaching in the Netherlands, update on the development of the websites. Only just so many hours in the day huh?

So summaries very BRIEFLY over the last few months……..I’ve been teaching more classes, filled in vive and pilates classes, now have a permanent combat class (at a really crappy timeslot though), just started teaching a permanent pump class aswell (forgot how much I missed pump, but DAMN am I weak and out of shape… some work to do there), got really sick for weeks and got pneumonia, had visit from parents in The Netherlands (and were lucky enough to have 2 weeks of the best weather we’ve had all year).

So summer has come and gone and I’m not really sure it arrived at all. We did get a couple of days around 35C which surprised me into a pair of shorts, but sure enough, it disappeared fast and the rain and cloud returned. The temperature is rapidly plummeting to subzero temps (overnight) and during the day 6-10C is getting really cold………..and it’s only autumn.

We recently just had launches for all the Les Mills programs. I launched combat which was combined with attack into a 45 min class. I presented track 6, which was a pretty easy track to learn. Balance was at the same time in another room, so I didn’t get to launch that one.

The new releases are so far, pretty good………..although I’m still a bit over this doing-the-same-release-for-2-months thing………tends to make ANY good release boring after a while.