Last class in The Netherlands

After a lot of snow last night I hoped that my car wouldn’t be “snowed in” so I could still teach my last balance class at Achmea Epe. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad and the snow was still light and fluffy in the carpark, and cleared on the roads. Getting the snow off my windscreen wasn’t too hard, but the snow flying off my bonnet onto my windscreen was really annoying! Sometimes you can’t really see the curb either when driving through snow, and you just follow the other tracks, lol. In Epe, the carparks were full and I had to park over the curb bit, and I didn’t barely notice the bump.

The class was great and despite the snow lots of people showed up! But the biggest surprise of all was a bunch of flowers to bid me a lovely fairwell. This is a MAJOR contrast to how the other gym in Apeldoorn treated me (or rather, I should specify particular members of management)! It was really sweet gesture and made me happy to feel a little bit appreciated, especially after the really tough time I’ve had in the Netherlands. It gives me a nice memory to take back with me.

I taught the same “Aussie mix” that I posted in an earlier blog entry, and I’ve been surprised to hear that some Dutchies have actually heard of Natalie Imbruglia. Of course everyone knows INXS, but doing God’s Top 10 for standing strength surprised some of their legs, lol!

Well now that’s my last class in the bag, and let’s hope I can pick up a couple of nice classes back in Adelaide. I don’t want to push it too much until I sort out my back issues a bit, but wanna get at least a couple of balance classes somewhere!