My chiro is amazing. There’s just nobody like him, I just have to say it. You’d think a knee injury would have nothing to do with my back, but after seeing my chiro and getting my hips straightened out again (it’s a process over a few weeks to get back to normal) my knee suddenly stops hurting. He also fixed up an ankle problem I’ve been having since I left Australia. I’ve had a muscle that was tight and sore down the front of the shin and if I ever tried to run or do any sort of impact, my heel would hurt. So while I was getting my treatment from the chiro, I asked him to have a look at my ankle. A very painful adjustment, but it feels MUCH better and I look forward to being able to do more impact again.

Yep my chiro is magic. I’ve seen a few now and none are like him.

First balance class back in Oz

I have finally just taught my first class back in Australia! It was so totally amazing to be on stage again and it was even better being able to be open and just freely be me. Where I felt I was a little shy in the Netherlands, I witnessed some of the crazy funness returning….and it felt good.

I started off with introducing myself to the peeps, said I’ve just returned from overseas. The class I was filling in was a chi-ball class, but chi-ball is difficult to find instructors. So all going well this would be replaced with balance.

One thing I totally did NOT expect, was to have any troubles reverting to teaching in English. I thought it would be natural, but low and behold, I found myself tongue tied and having to resist the urges to say things in Dutch! What the …? How can that be possible? Shortly into the intro I accidently said something in Dutch and quickly explained that I’ve been teaching in Dutch for the last 12 months. What was even more amusing was there was a Dutch lady in the class who was still 100% fluent in the language. So she was certainly amused at my little slips into Dutch, haha.

I found it weird too cuz I found myself translating Dutch phrases into English and they sound really plain and bland. I was trying to think “what did I used to say here?” ugh. I’m sure in a few classes those urges to say Dutch things will totally disappear. I know it took a good few weeks to get rid of doing U-turns the wrong way round while driving, haha 🙂

Injured Knee

I’ve started getting much more motivated to get back into fitness since getting back to Oz, and since finding a wonderful park down the road Alex and I regularly take Connor down there to play and I do some mini fitness sessions for myself. I’ve been getting motivated to do intervals, jogging up the hill and walking down, lunges and a few pushups and stuff on the benches etc. I think I’m getting inspired to start doing some private PT outdoor sessions again like I did when I was pregnant. At least, I would be able to do some of these while the weather holds out. So in the meantime I’m getting all my paperwork together to register and insure again with Fitness Australia again, and once that is done I may start taking on clients on a casual basic, possibly in a child friendly atmosphere but that idea I need to explore.

Alex and I have even decided to program a fitness schedule to make it to the City To Bay fun run in October this year. I was 5 weeks pregnant when I did the last one in 2007, and before I decided to actually move to the Netherlands it had been my plan to get fit again for the next one in 2008. That never happened of course, and after suffering from falls on the stairs and bad medical care, I never really got back again. Now I’m back with my trusty chiro again and progress is now ready to go up!

The only downside is, with all that extra motivation I got a bit hyper while mucking around with Alex and did some plyo lunges on the concrete. Sigh, I guess it’s hard to face the fact that my body must take it slowly, and I have injured my knee. Will see how it goes, but I’m supposed to be teaching my first balance fill in since getting back in Australia on Thursday. So ice and rest it is in the meantime.