Injured Knee

I’ve started getting much more motivated to get back into fitness since getting back to Oz, and since finding a wonderful park down the road Alex and I regularly take Connor down there to play and I do some mini fitness sessions for myself. I’ve been getting motivated to do intervals, jogging up the hill and walking down, lunges and a few pushups and stuff on the benches etc. I think I’m getting inspired to start doing some private PT outdoor sessions again like I did when I was pregnant. At least, I would be able to do some of these while the weather holds out. So in the meantime I’m getting all my paperwork together to register and insure again with Fitness Australia again, and once that is done I may start taking on clients on a casual basic, possibly in a child friendly atmosphere but that idea I need to explore.

Alex and I have even decided to program a fitness schedule to make it to the City To Bay fun run in October this year. I was 5 weeks pregnant when I did the last one in 2007, and before I decided to actually move to the Netherlands it had been my plan to get fit again for the next one in 2008. That never happened of course, and after suffering from falls on the stairs and bad medical care, I never really got back again. Now I’m back with my trusty chiro again and progress is now ready to go up!

The only downside is, with all that extra motivation I got a bit hyper while mucking around with Alex and did some plyo lunges on the concrete. Sigh, I guess it’s hard to face the fact that my body must take it slowly, and I have injured my knee. Will see how it goes, but I’m supposed to be teaching my first balance fill in since getting back in Australia on Thursday. So ice and rest it is in the meantime.

Feeling a bit more positive

I’ve had some great replies on the below topic on the post I made on the forum, and people have given some really great advice. I was a PT so I know what I need to do to get myself back into shape again. The only thing is, that even Personal Trainers need a Personal Trainer. The knowledge is there, but not necessarily the motivation. A PT’s job is to extract from you the things you can’t do by yourself (otherwise PT’s wouldn’t have a job!).

So, if I could I think I would get myself a PT right now, however Personal Training isn’t something that really exists here in The Netherlands…….or at least Apeldoorn. So I will have to attempt to work through it myself.

One of the things I would like to start with is maintaining my blog with much more Les Mills topics again, writing about the latest releases etc. Maybe I can help get my passion back by focusing again on the things I used to love. 🙂

I have started with updating with the latest tracklists for the upcoming releases. I still get emails all the time through that site for updates on the tracklists and information. Eventually I will be rebuilding the design of that site to make it more user friendly and also use a database that will make it easier for me to maintain!

ok ok everyone, here’s an update

ugh, it’s been 25 days since I’ve updated my blog and I’ve been harrassed over it, haha. So I’m relenting, here it is, with also a partial explanation as to why I haven’t updated.

I’ve made some big decisions just lately, and after reviewing some personal issues I decided to explore other options open to me. So I put in a few applications for jobs. A few days later I had a job interview (on a Friday), on Monday I had a second interview and Tuesday I started work. Phew…….all that so quickly!

So I think it was about the 9th Oct I started there and been pretty busy since. It’s at a web development/graphic design company and I’ve been busy working during the day, PT and classes in the evening, wearing me out a little especially since I still teach classes on the weekend too. But I don’t regret it and this new job actually offers awesome opportunities. I think this is the kind of job I’ve wanted/needed for about 4 years, and before deciding to go into fitness full time. Somehow I think I’ve been steered in this direction and this was meant to happen.

The 2 guys I work with are absolutely awesome, and I love the level of trust there is there. I’m quite new there, but they’ve had no hestitation at all in challenging me with new tasks, leaving me with responsibility and allowing me freedom which is not only awesome, but also really rare to work with people like that. I already feel like an important part of the team and felt part of the project we had with such a tight deadline last week. Still some changes and updates have continued into this week, but the urgentness has gone now.

My new job also means one other thing. I’ll be cutting down on the amount of personal training I’m doing. Not completely dropping it, but it means I have given notice to cancelling my licence with Zest, meaning I’ll no longer wear a yellow shirt. I have been given permission though to continue training clients as a red shirt, but without being employed on shifts. I’ll just train the people I have, I won’t be doing freebies or anything of the like.

As for other things going on, weather is driving me nuts at the moment. One evening I have the heater on and the next morning it’s 30C. Then 2 days later and the heater is back on. grrrrr

City to Bay update – 7 weeks to go

On the weekend I held the beep test on the Sunday for a group of people. After the weather looked a bit dodgy it ended up turning out ok, and we did the test on a small park about 20 mins walk from Zest. That worked out well, since we had a good walk as a warmup.

I’d had a bit of a night out the night before, and having done 2 classes aswell that morning, I went the worst I had ever gone in the beep test. I got to 7.3 and started feeling hungover. My goal was to get over level 9, and since I was feeling sick at level 7 I wasn’t too keen on how I’d feel by level 9!!! One of the girls did an awesome job of reaching level 8.3!

I WILL be running the test again though in 3 or 4 weeks, since I know there are plenty of people interested that could not make it yesterday.

NOTE: the next 2 weeks the running group will be rescheduled to 1pm on Saturday as I have other committments (one of those commitments involves getting drunk on Saturday night for BADelaide 😉 ).

Walking group will be the same time as usual on Saturday at 2pm.

WALKERS – Saturday 4th August – 2pm

40-60 min walk – meet at Zest Health Clubs Modbury (in car park out side of the club as car park closes at 3pm).


RUNNERS – Saturday 4th August – 1pm (*Note: change of time for 2 weeks only)

30-40 min run. Meet at Zest Health Clubs Modbury in the car park.

Cost: $5(free for clients currently training with Mel) 

PS: I also send out email updates to those on my emailing list. Leave a comment here for me if I don’t have your email address.

City To Bay Update – 8 weeks to go!!!

City to bay training went well again. More people are expressing interest to me and while there were just 3 people on the walk on Saturday there have been quite a few more who couldn’t make it this weekend. Expect this to become a bit of a social meeting point aswell!

The run went fantastic and this time I was armed with tissues which were quickly whipped out of my bumbag shortly after we started jogging. Don’t ya love the cold air? We completed much further distance jogging and even some of it uphill. We don’t have to do hardly any uphill running in the City To Bay, so this kind of training will make the actual run easier.

Next weekend I am rerunning the beep test as well as doing our jog afterwards. I expect the jog will be short after having done the beep test. The test is a general measure of fitness and for those interested you can actually look up your VO2 max and compare your fitness for your age with industry guidelines. It’s a difficult test, but only as difficult as you push yourself.

Next weekend:

WALKERS – Saturday 28th July – 2pm
40-60 min walk – meet at Zest Health Clubs Modbury

RUNNERS – Sunday 29th July 12.30pm
Beep test – meet at Zest Health Clubs Modbury (location of beep test to be advised)
Followed by 30 min jog/walk.

Cost: $5
(free for clients currently training with Mel)

City to Bay group training

The training program I’ve started up has kicked off well this weekend. I’ve had enough interest to also put on the walking group on Saturdays, so although there was only 2 people this Saturday, there were at least a couple who couldn’t make it this weekend. However I will definately continue the walking group on Saturdays at 2pm.

The running group kicked off well at 12.30pm on Sunday, with 5 people (not including myself) participating in the run. The initial course I’ve picked out is a mainly downhill run, and the distance and intensity I choose will progressively get more difficult as we get closer to the City to Bay fun run date. A stretch is included at the end.

Anyone is welcome to join in at $5 per session. The program is structured to take into consideration everyone’s individual fitness levels. Non-Zest members are welcome to join in. Contact me asap if you’re interested (leave a comment with your email address and I’ll get back to you).

If interest continues, I will consider continuing the sessions after the City to Bay finishes.

City to Bay fun run

I’ve decided to do a training program for my clients, and others that might want to join in, for those interested in running the City to Bay on 16th September.

I will be holding training sessions on Sundays at 12.30pm commencing 8th July.

Not only will this be a great goal for my clients and others, but i’m also joining in on the training program myself. Anyone interested in joining in please feel free to contact me. There’s more details at the club and from myself on the sessions.

I’m will also consider doing a walking group on Saturday afternoons if there’s enough interest.

So I started off today with doing a 15 min jog on the treadmill…….that was after deciding to do Voodoo Child in pump. My legs are a bit wobbly.

Go Yellow!

Go yellow - I’m now a body trainer!Finally, everything has fallen into place! For those that have been following my blog will know that I’ve been working as a Club Trainer (red shirt) at Zest for a few months now, and part of the process is that once you’re “ready” you switch over to running your own personal business as a Personal Trainer.

This has just happened for me……….TODAY!

At Zest we’re officially called BODYTRAINERS (yellow shirt) which is under the Les Mills personal training system. Essentially we manage our own business and we’re no longer employees of Zest (although I’ll still have my group fitness classes). This means we pay rent to be able to operate from within Zest. From now on I’ll be relying even more heavily on an accountant to keep me on track.

I didn’t think I’d feel much different, since essentially I’m doing the same job (minus the gym shifts), but I DO feel different. Maybe it’s just because of all the comments I got saying “nice shirt”… One girl that trains with me was doing a pump class and as I walked past the room she half dropped her bar and her mouth dropped open as she pointed at my shirt. I couldn’t help but laugh, although she should have been watching the instructor…….haha.

So after the first day……..I feel quite good 😉

#1 Club Trainer

This week is full of highs and lows, to the extreme. After the great holiday and then the bad news, now I get back to work to find out I achieved number 1 Club Trainer in the state last month. I got 2nd a couple of months ago, now I’m number 1. It was the last thing I was thinking about though so it was a pleasant surprise.

I’m trying to make the most of all the good things that are still happening…


At Zest we get regular employee newsletters, and they list the top BodyTrainers and Club Trainers in the state. For Club Trainer guess who got 2nd in the state!!!!

I wasn’t quite expecting that, in fact, I’d barely noticed that section on the newsletter. So when my name was on there it took me by surprise. It’s a nice surprise though 😉

BodyTrainer Graduation

As part of the BodyTrainer course we get an official “graduation”. I think it’s basically just an excuse for the PTM’s to drink really but hey, I think it’s a good excuse 😉

As part of it we get formally introduced to the Buffalo Club and we pledge our allegance. This is a Les Mills drinking tradition that anyone who’s found themselves in the heart of the Les Mills family will know what I mean 😉

I got a slight preview to the Buffalo Club when I was at the filmings last year, but I didn’t really think much about it then.

Then next up someone started a game that when the person who is “it” freezes, the whole room must freeze. The last person to freeze must scull their drink. I’m not much of a sculler, but hey…….rules are rules 😉 Can get a bit messy if you’re not paying attention!

I’m so glad I actually had this Saturday morning off!

Last day of BodyTrainer

Well the last day was today! yay…….I can finally get a day off now, since I haven’t had a day off in weeks. I’m hanging out for next Friday where I can just spend a day sleeping in, doing nothing, lumping around and hybernating. Awesome.

It was a bit difficult cuz the course was so far away from me too, and I had to drive way over the other side of the city through peak hour traffic………meaning, since it’s a Les Mills course, I invariably ended up with penalties most Fridays. One thing that I thought was quite amusing was the fact that I was the only group fitness instructor out of the 6 or 7 or so doing the course, meaning that the penalties weren’t in reality all that physically difficult for me since I’m a lot fitter than the other guys. But I didn’t let on to that 😉 They were still challenging exercises, but I wasn’t dying like the other guys were…….hehe

I dunno how I feel about the course content, how much of it I’ll use. Some of the business planning and tracking stuff is going to be really handy for me. It’s helped me get my head around how I can keep track of the business component of being a PT running my own business. It’s waaaay different from being an employee.

I’m going to be on the lookout for some fitness software for my laptop. Not sure which is the best to go with, but it’d be awesome if there’s software out there that could integrate with Quickbooks or something.

I have to do my assessments with Kerri, my PTM, next week. Yay, and I’ve only got a week till we launch aswell……….4 programs………sheeshh…….I’m gonna go crazy…..


Did second day of bodytrainer course yesterday. Have to say I get a bit fidgety sitting on my butt all day. Was quite amusing cuz yesterday I ended up sitting next to Elle (Mel and Elle…….oh my……how confusing 😯 ) and we couldn’t help giggling at one point. She made a ring out of the lollies they provided for us (snakes, jelly babies, raspberries etc). She used the raspberry as the diamond on the ring, and somehow, just somehow it was so hilarious. We ended up cracking up laughing and just couldn’t stop………which got attention of course.

At that point the presenter looked at us and said “is there something funny you’d like to share with us?” 😆

She showed him her ring and he just rolled his eyes.

Geesh, we were acting like teenage kids……haha

Anyway, following that I got home fairly early, caught up on some forum stuff I had to do, PM’s, mods, and tried to read a few posts etc. Was feeling a bit grouchy though, so after responding to a couple of posts I knew I was getting a bit on the “strong” side…….so went to bed about 8.30pm (can you believe it???). Ended up getting woken up though by my housemate who’d fallen asleep on the lounge, snoring………which is just outside my bedroom door. Was a bit furious at that though and made him go to bed, and so I lay awake for about an hour before finally getting to sleep again…….so frustrating. Turns out he hadn’t tied the dogs up, had left all the lights on and the back door open………grrrr.

The triple I taught this morning (BP/BC/BB) was a bit tough. I dunno if it’s just the weather at the moment or not (hot, humid and raining) but it really was a struggle. I finally not feeling as sick as I was, but I’m still pretty tired, and now my shoulder seems to be playing up again. Maybe time to book in for a sports massage again?

24 hours

wow, yesterday I had to get up at 4.30am to do a Club Trainer shift…….and then I ended up going to bed 4.30am the next evening (morning?). That’s what you get when you talk too much 😳

Had my first assessment for BodyTrainer today with my PTM. Went rather smoothly. We ended up talking mainly Les Mills and fitness anyway, cuz my program I had to do with her was cardio, and well……..what else do you do but talk while your client is on a cardio machine? 😆

Club Trainer @ Zest

I’ve started working at Zest now as a Club Trainer. This is a fancy name for gym instructor, cert 3 qualified. Gotta say getting up at 6am was a bit tough, haven’t done that for a while, haha. 😛

It was a great opportunity to get the chance to talk with some people that do my classes (and those that don’t). I can see working on the gym floor is going to be a fantastic way of getting feedback and encourage people into classes! I’ll be starting the Zest Body Trainer course in 2 weeks, so it’s all going to be pretty full on. I’m not far off finally completing my cert 4, so it’s all getting exciting. I think 2007 is going to be a very different year for me.

Next shift is going to be on Tuesday, a 12pm – 9pm shift…….a long day….