Bridge pose

In Balance, when we do bridge pose, on the videos it always explicitly explains that we must squeeze our buttocks while lifting up.

However I once had a PT client that used to do pilates who said to me that they explicitly state to NOT squeeze the buttocks.

Yesterday I participated in a pilates class where the instructor also said not to squeeze the buttocks in bridge pose and to try and relax the muscles.

So my question is, why is this taught differently between the 2 programs?


Tonight it was Alexanders turn to do classes and do step in the evening, so as soon as he got home I went to the gym ealier to try out the pilates class.

The class reminded me of why I love Les Mills so much. It wasn’t a BAD class, but I did get bored quickly, and in my opinion some of the exercises I did consider unsafe. An example was a move where we did a full cobra and then let go with our arms rapidly and swung down into a position where we had our arms and legs extended and lifted (back extension type move). As it is in BODYBALANCE we no longer lift both the arms and legs at the same time, because in a group fitness situation this can be unsafe. So not only did we do both arms and legs at the same time, but we also swung into that position from a cobra. Not something I’d personally recommend even to advanced participants!

But I have to say that the classes at the gym are helping me pick up Dutch words. During the class everything was “Adem in en Adem out” and “boekspeiren” (spelling???).

That’s a couple of extra words to my vocabulary (which is pretty limited at the moment).