Dutch Dally

Well, I’m recovering from my first ever Dutch Dally, a social gathering of Les Mills instructors and participants, first inspired by the original EUROMAD held in the UK in 2004, set up by forum goers in The Netherlands……..or rather, set up by John. . These events allow some people to meet for the first time and has developed many great friendships! People have attended these events from all over the world, including EU, Australia, UK and USA.

However, while it was a first for me, I had already been to a less formal BBQ at John’s last year where I met most of the people (as well as EUROMAD where I met the UK members). So the main difference this time round for me was the classes and the fundraising aspect.

There was one new member that we all hadn’t met before, so Bev it was the first event. Although Bev seems to have been quite affected by the fact her name is the translation for a very explicit sexual act that I think most British people would never want to admit to! 🙂
Despite the fact that we have totally different taste in music it seems, I have found another friend in the Netherlands (we are still coming to terms with the music clash but we are negotiating a compromise over this problem 🙂 ).

The weekend was a lot of fun, doing classes, drinking, talking, partying. Although was fitness is struggling quite a lot, I was very proud to be able to complete 2 combat’s and 1 balance. Sounds a very small amount of exercise compared to what I used to do, but this is more than I have done in a long time and a huge challenge for me (especially with both the combats having the esquiva from BC37 and 38, ugh)!

As for the drinking, it seems my ability to drink has seriously plummeted aswell………now I’ve finally stopped breastfeeding I found myself suffering a lot after only 2 beers and 2 advocat’s (I wish I could have drunk more of that Advocat John, but it just wasn’t happening, lol).

The weekend just went so fast though, TOO FAST. I missed Rien’s rubik’s cube in action (I’m looking forward to seeing the piccies you took too, I will get them off the laptop asap!). Lisa and Dean, you know it’s LOVELY to see you again, Vicki I didn’t initially know you were coming, but I’m glad you could make it…….fantastic to see you again 🙂
oh now that I’ve started writing names I run the risk of forgetting people. Janne and Sjouke (it was also Sjouke’s first time at a Dutch Dally), we mustn’t wait till an “event” to see each other again, considering you live in the same apartment block as us! I have to say thanks to all the shape team, Keyla for babysitting Connor while nearly EVERYONE did combat (no other program can boast that eh?), and all the other babysitters who helped out. And most of all, thanks to John and Monique for hosting us all.

For Sunday night dinner that was a different experience for me. I didn’t get a translation and all I knew was “thin slices of beef”. After I got the entree I was very jealous of Janne and wished I was vegetarian at that moment, lol! I had my first ever something-or-other with raw beef……..luckily the pine nuts and whatever else was in it was so strongly flavoured that I couldn’t taste the “meat”.

Anyway, I think now as I write, the UK people will be packing/driving and catching flights.

It was hard saying goodbye to everyone!

BBQ aka “Terras Monique” ….take 2

Finally we have returned from the BBQ at John’s, and this time we got the right weekend, lol. Because I met John last weekend, that meant the only people there I was yet to meet was Keyla and the rest of Vicki‘s family. Sigma, Vicki, Janne and Rien I had met previously when I came to The Netherlands last time.

It was a wonderful relaxing time catching up. Lots of booze was drunk, except for myself and Vicki (and the kids, lol). Friday night started off with dinner, then BODYSTEP at Shape. Vicki, Rien, John, Keyla, Alexander and myself did step followed by a late evening drinking and talking. I went to bed about 3.30am which left John, Sigma and Alexander still talking. As we had to get up early the next morning for balance, that left John with about 2 hours sleep, Alexander with 1 hour sleep and Sigma with none. Needless to say many of them ended up having a snooze the next afternoon. I only did Balance at Shape in the morning, although some of them also did Pump.

In the evening we kicked off the BBQ with some others from John’s mensa group arriving. It was hot (which loved but everyone else hated) and then thunder and lightening came followed by plenty of rain. John was left standing in the rain cooking the BBQ with an umbrella.

John\'s BBQ - last man standing

Sunday was a late breaky, shopping (I bought a nice bag at the Nike outlet, woohoo) and dinner at a Turkish restaurant. Since they only had dutch menu’s……I relied on Alexander to choose a couple of dishes I might like and translate those for me. I ended up having a REALLY yummy meatball dish that was also REALLY REALLY hot. I do like hot food, and I can handle a fair bit of chilli, but this dish certainly challenge the tolerance of my tastebuds for fire (I hope Connor likes spicy food, lol).

Finally we said our goodbyes and drove home……….this time with all our headlights. It was sad to say goodbye, but this time I know I’ll definately see everyone again!

BBQ aka “Terras Monique”

Well, yesterday morning we packed our bags to go to John’s place for the BBQ weekend which has become famous amongst the Dutch forumers. We were the first to arrive, and I thought John was joking when he said we got the wrong weekend.

But no, Alexander and I had screwed up, I guess with the jetlag and all. But John invited us to stay for a drink anyway and we later stayed for dinner. 3am the next morning we finally left……Alexander had drunk a truckload of coffee and we discovered at a really bad time that neither of Alexanders headlights worked. His parking lights worked and the highbeam were fine…..but no normal lights, ugh. Sooooo, we drove home with highbeam and turning the highbeam off everytime we passed a car. I thought at that time of the morning there’d be less cars on the road than there were, but well……I guess this is Europe, they do have a higher population here.

We were looking forward to getting off the smaller roads and onto the bigger freeways where they are all lit up by street lights, but for some strange reason, all the street lights were off? So no help there either! But we did eventually get home safely.