Adelaide Workshop – Q2

FINALLY they’ve picked up their game! Adelaide workshops have definately improved………although I still don’t think Tim’s gym is the ideal place. Good location, but too small, and no room to socialise and watch. I was sitting up the back watching attack (which looked like it ROCKED btw), and a stupid attacker at the back seemed to want to get further back, nearly trampling me…………despite the fact she had heaps of room in front of her! Jam was finally REAL fun. It’s only taken me 4 classes of doing 37 to finally get it, but it was FUN! And I got the TURN!!!! YAY! All in all, the presenters were all pretty awesome, they all knew their chorrey, there was plenty of volume (except in pump when they blew the fuse early on) and plenty of atmosphere. I just wish there was more room. There’s no changerooms, only 2 toilets, no where to sit really. If they had those things, then that location would nearly be considered perfect I just feel sorry for poor Kim though. She’s torn her calf muscle again……….on the OTHER leg

First Taekwondo Grading

My first time to a grading, and an interesting experience it was! Started off me arriving in my normal uniform, not realising that we MUST wear our white jackets as part of our uniform to the grading. So I was in my black taekwondo shirt, and everyone else was in white. I had several black belts all coming up to me asking where my jacket was, and then shortly after I was pulled out and had to wait till I could borrow someone elses jacket. Then into the changerooms to “switch”. Gawd I felt like a criminal! Anyway, so on to the grading, most of it was spent sitting down on a hard cold floor while the yellow belts got “punished” for not making enough noise. Then when our turn came along, we didn’t do much for long. Then at one point we had to do a side kick and then hold our leg out. My friend Shona was watching (her kids do taekwondo, that’s how I got into it) and apparently I was the ONLY one who didn’t wobble. Wont know until next week the results, but next week I will hopefully be wearing a YELLOW belt, and then (hopefully) the REAL fun will start!

Holding a side kickForearm guarding block