I’ve booked into a Pro-Instructor course this weekend (it’s a new advanced training package in Australia, and this is the first one to be held in Adelaide), and as part of it they do fitness testing etc. But if you teach more than one program, you have to nominate a program that you are going to use for the weekend……presumably the program you’re best at.

I do pump balance and combat, and I can’t decide which between combat and balance.

I trained in BC and BB around the same time (2.5 years ago), and I’m pretty strong in both of them. There’s pros and cons for both – with BC, it’s easier to get the “motivated” hyped up feeling, but I don’t really have a martial arts background, which can reflect in tech (except for the fact that I have started taekwondo recently, but that doesn’t really count yet).
With balance, it’s easier to teach, easier to CRC and “connect”, but they’ll also test flexibility. I’m pretty flexible in terms of the “real” world……..but I can’t fold myself in half or anything, and I do have some limitations in certain areas (ie. can’t do the reverse prayer… chest is too tight).

Also, I’m not sure my fitness level is quite what it was last year. I’ve been trying to fit in 1 attack class each week to help, but I also have my shoulder injury and stuff………so I wonder if I should choose balance?

Combat is so fun though……

arrrrrgh, I can’t choose! It’s too hard!

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