Taekwondo Update

Just a little update………there’s now gradings every 6 weeks, instead of every 3 months, meaning the next grading is in 2 weeks.

I missed last week though, so hopefully that doesn’t set me back to much to go for the grading in 2 weeks.

Learning 3 step sparring and more blocks icon_eek.gif

Got thrown into the deep end last night with the 8th grade pattern. Doesn’t pay to miss a week icon_eek.gif
Shona’s kids have taken me through it now though, so I think I’ve got it. But the turn into the twin forearm block gets me nearly everytime!

oh, and I’ve surrendered and drawn a big L and R on the back of my hands, cuz I just couldn’t cope icon_lol.gif
Everyone laughs at me, they just don’t get it icon_lol.gif

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