goes live!

The transition from the old forum to this one went reasonably smoothly, except for a few missing moderator permissions. So the immediate issues were to get the moderators back where they should be. Turned out that there was an issue with the fact that all members have defaulted to a “Basic Membership”, and they don’t automatically upgrade to a Bronze until they post a post. In reality, not the most disastrous problem that could have occured, so I can still sleep ok at night icon_wink.gif Onwards and upwards for!!!!

I’m a BODYBALANCE Pro-Instructor

Had the last day was yesterday, and it was fun!

I was a lot less nervous than the first 2 days. I increased in the fitness tests quite a lot which I’m happy about! I couldn’t believe that I got 24cm in the sit and reach test (mind you, it wasn’t the most highlyl sophisticated measuring system icon_lol.gif ).

I’m really happy I got 60 squats in 60 secs aswell (with 30kg weight), as that was my goal and it’s tough considering my height! But it was so weird, cuz one of the girls was counting, and I seem to have lost all recollection of the squats between 20-40…….I think she started counting down from 40 (20, 19, 18……etc), so I had no idea where I was at, and I was just squatting for all I was worth! when time was up I thought I was only in the 40’s somewhere, and when the girl announced “Sixty!” I could have hugged her! Except I had a bar on my shoulders, so I couldn’t icon_lol.gif
But it’s a really weird feeling not remembering where the squats went….

kudos to Kim Knott though for getting 81!!! icon_eek.gif
It was really awesome having her on the training with us, it kinda raised the bar for all of us that bit further….

Learning how to assessing other instructors was really awesome! Basically we had 2 people elected to perform a track, and then we all assessed them. Then 4 people (one by one) individually gave their feedback according to what we’d learnt, and then we all provided feedback on their feedback. It was a really informative exercise, and the only thing I regret is that not all of us got the opportunity to practise giving the feedback. But I guess there just isn’t enough time?

So now I’m a pro-instructor! yay! But at the moment I guess this doesn’t mean much until the qualification is more widely recognised as valuable. At the moment there seems to be some resistance, and there’s people who think that it’s just “LMAP trying to make more money”. I think it wont take long till people see that there’s a lot of value in this course!

Day 3 coming up

well, Day 3 of Pro-instructor is looming and it just doesn’t seem enough time to practise and train!!!

It’s coming up this weekend, but the first week and a half (out of the 4 weeks) I was actually sick. Since then I’ve been doing weights, running, attacking and practising the tests. I’ve been working on my hamstrings too to try and get the extra 3 cm (I got 18cm past my toes, but I need to get over 21cm). Also been getting treatment on my shoulder which has been MAGNIFICENT! But you just don’t suddenly get strength back that you’ve lost over 9 months….

The fitness tests are just so tough and I dunno if I’m gonna get there…….not particularly sure what happens if you don’t quite get there? I guess I’ll find out?