Today Is A Bleak Day….

Well today is a bleak day. I’ve just resigned from my job. I’ve only been working 2 days a week these days, because I hate it……..but now it’s kinda final. Then, just after I resigned I got a call from a gym about a class I teach. One of my Body Pump classes was going to be changed into a Combat class…….now they’ve suddenly decided to turn it into a Step class instead, which I don’t teach. Yay…….I really needed this right now.

Adelaide Workshops Q3 – 13th August

Well 3 quarter for the year, a new round of releases. On the day I participated in Attack, Combat, had a break then Pump and another break and finished off with balance. It was my first time doing Attack at a workshop, but we were blessed with Dean, and awesome presenter and pretty easy on the eye. Kim Knott was sick so she was replaced by Tim, a newbie presenter in Adelaide. First thing that struck me about this release was the plyos…….oh my, can’t actually recall any other chorrey other than endless plyos! Love the track though. Combat became a bit of a blur after that slaughtering in Attack. Felt a little messy to me, although it could have been the way it was presented. Noticed quite a few rehashed songs in this release, including a song from attack and a couple old combat songs. Will have to wait and see if this release grows on me. Went and had lunch at Fasta Pasta with Georgia. That ended up being a good call, cuz it helped me get through pump. Went lighter on the weights, but muscles were still starting to tremble (remember Attack shatters me cuz it’s not really my class). Gotta love the squats with the 3 staggers. Music selection generally seems great……think this is going to be an awesome release once I learn it! Lastly finishing off with balance, some gorgeous tai chi which takes a few seconds to get used to, but once you’ve got it you can just flow into the move and it feels beautiful. Doesn’t initially strike me as breath taking as BB33 tai chi, but still a great track. Standing strength…….oh my god! My legs were SCREAMING by this point. First the right one, then the left. Then, you finally thank god that it’s over, and then discover you’ve got a surprise intense pose at the end! 8.5 minutes in total. This has GOTTA get easier than it was after all the classes I’d done though! Marena was just awesome as usual. I can’t quite come to terms with the rotating of the thigh in the hip openers……doesn’t seem to do anything for me. All in all quite an enjoyable day. Being there from start to end was challenging though……physically and mentally. I’m launching combat on 27th August, and have to be ready to teach the new releases of pump and balance on the Monday in my own classes, because they will have launched by then. That gives me 2 weeks to learn the entire lot. Arrrrrggggggggghhhh……..what I am doing here then? I gotta start learning!

Second Taekwondo Grading

Had my grading today. This time I’m 7th grade (yellow belt with green tip) going for 6th grade (green belt).

I feel I did ok, although I buggered up a really simple mid section punch. When they were “showing” us what move to do, they didn’t mirror image, and I can’t help it but automatically go to mirror everything. Soooo frustrating, because they just don’t understand. I’ve tried to explain before about why I struggle with my left and right, but they just don’t get it icon_confused.gif

During the free sparing I’ve discovered I’m too used to being “soft”. I need to toughen up and get more agressive i think? When we do free sparring in class, because I’m so tall I’m usually with a senior, which inevitably ends up being a black or brown belt. Blacks and browns tend to have very good control, so they know how much room to give you.

At a grading you don’t get this luxury. Seems to be a lot of guys full of testosterone that want to be like a black belt, but they don’t have the control. So when I was with one of these guys, I was kinda like “OMG, he’s in my SPACE”. Dunno how to get used to this, I guess that’s what the whole thing is about, self defense when you’re being attacked…..but I just hate to “hurt” any body. As I said…….I guess I’m too “soft” icon_lol.gif

Anyway, I can only hope I’ll pass. We only find out our result in the next class we go to, which for me at this stage I’m not sure when that’ll be.