Triple back to back

Wow, this is the first time I’ve done a triple back to back in a while. Quite often I travel from club to club and do several classes, but this morning it was all in the same centre………….and I loved it! Got a huge fix, haha BP -> BC -> BB yay, nice way to finish off. BP I did the new release, BB I did 33 (with miserere) and BC I did a mix of mainly 24 which turned out really cool: 1. Glory of love BC24 2. Living on a prayer BC24 3. I feel alive BC24 4. Sexy BC24 (damn and they WERE too……..they all touched themselves, hehe) 5. Power of love BC25 6. Vogue BC29 7. So what (by request…….was originally gonna do BC24 for this one) 8. Nami BC24 9. Sound of the underground BC24 10. Blaze of Glory BC24 I’m new to this gym (I work at another location in the same chain) and so the guys are all new to me, but the classes were awesome! icon_wink.gif I’m stuffed now though, trying to decide if I have the energy to go out tonight…..?

Current mixes

At most of the gyms I’m at I’m now off of BB34, so I’ve been doing 33 instead with Miserere thrown in for good measure.

Still finalising my pump and combat mixes for this weekend, but doing this as a 45 min class tonight for combat:

1. Shake That (CJ Stone Mix) /Bom Bom Suenan – BC27
2. Out In The Fields – BC27
3. Luv U More – BC25
4. Tribal Dance – BC27
6. Bad & Sexy – BC27
7. So What! – BC27
8. Reach Out – BC28
10. Because Of You – BC28

Haven’t been teaching combat as much lately, it’s been a bit of a refresher for me actually. I think that might change as of next week though icon_wink.gif

Road Rage

gawd, I had the stupidest road rage argument on the weekend. Was parking my car, and wasn’t quite straight, so I reversed a bit to straighten up. As I was reversing some stupid idiot who must have been going too fast beeped his horn at me. I wasn’t able to see because I had a van next to me, but he must have been too fast cuz there was no one behind me 2 secs ago. Anyway, I thought “idiot” and left it at that. But when I got out of my car, the other guy had parked and started abusing me, I shouted something back explaining that he must have been going too fast, blah blah. I went to walk off to go teach my gym class (Body Balance incidently), and he started swearing at me and fully insulting me. So I wandered over (he was setting up a pram, as he had his wife and kids there). I couldn’t believe this guy, insulting me, swearing in front of his kids. Then he said something that made me SNAP. He said really sarcastically and in a baby voice “go on, you go and have you’re little gym workout now”. I saw red. It doesn’t happen often. But he saw Mel unleashed. I’m not sure what got into me, but after explaining to him that I do martial arts and am a combat instructor I asked him if he wanted a fight, if that’s what his aim was (don’t ask me WHAT possessed me to do this). He actually seemed to get scared at this point, lol…….and I yelled at him “Scared now are we?”………and he threw back another brilliant insult saying “look at you, anyone would be scared of THAT” lol From this point every time I turned my back to go to the gym he’d give me fresh insults, so I ended up standing there and staring him down till he finally left. Then, raced into my BB class (glad that no participants witnessed me losing my temper), and they were worried cuz it was dead on time the class was supposed to start. I raced in, hands kinda shaking a little saying “you have NO IDEA what just happened to me!” They just laughed at me…………can you believe that? they LAUGHED at me icon_lol.gif they thought it hilarious about how the guy told me to go have my “little gym workout”……….he pushed my buttons, in the WRONG way.

New website unleashed

The tracklists at have been around for a while, but for various reasons “BTS” isn’t really the appropriate name for this site anymore (hence we’re now at But while the forum has moved to, the tracklists haven’t really got a home yet. Therefore I have a new site underway at

You guessed it, it’s ALL about Les Mills.

At the moment the content at the site is limited to tracklists, but keep an eye out as there are more exciting things to come!

I’m So Excited!

I don’t wanna say too much, but all I wanna share is that I got an AMAZING email today! I’m sooooo excited! When I first sent of an email a week or so ago I was quite scared, and I crossed my fingers and prayed as I pressed the “Send” button.

I finally got a reply today, and I’m feeling very happy.

Watch this space. ­čśë

New Gym

Well it was opening day today at the new gym. I ended up getting called late Friday night asking if I could do a 12-4pm shift there during the opening day which I agreed to. Got the phone call when I was actually waiting for friends going out for the night……..haha. Was going out with some peeps from here so we could catch up with a UK’er…….Damian (ukattacker), Georgia (Greekgodess), Nat (Natty), Cassie (Cassie) and a couple of non-forumers……………sofie unfortunately couldn’t make it. What a great night. The opening day at the new gym was great. Saw lots of known faces from the other gym checking out the place and a few of them keen on signing up. Gym has officially opened now, but Group Fitness classes wont be starting for at least a week. I’m getting quite excited. I could mean quite a shortage of instructors though in this area. Works out great for me though, cuz I could do a couple of extra classes msn_biggrin.gif

Yay! Things Are Looking Up!

ok, so in my last blog entry I mentioned that I’d lost one of my classes at one of the gyms I teach at. Well, this gym was previously managed by this company (let’s call them CompanyA), but then the contract expired, and the council gave the next contract to CompanyB. CompanyB are going downhill with it. It’s only been 2 months, but they’re pissing instructors off (including me). What’s happened though, is CompanyA have now opened up a new gym just down the road, and all the good instructors are jumping camp. Is this still making sense? So, today I had an interview with CompanyA, and they’ve offered me 15-20 hours a week gym floor shifts (and potential for PT when I finish my Cert 4), plus classes as will be determined as they get the timetable organised. The person they’ve appointed as GFM I get along really well with, so this is going to be just AWESOME! I’m excited. Finally “something” feels like it’s going right. Ok, now I’ve gotta get my Cert 4 completed…..