Life Without My Job

Is going much better, and luckily I’ve picked up a heap of classes to fill the hole at the moment. Loving it, but at the same time feeling stuffed, while also appreciating having afternoons to recover. I’m doing 13 permanent classes now………..3 pump, 3 combat, 7 balance……..with a few fill ins here and there. Doing 2 extra pump fill ins for the next 3 weeks as well, plus I’ll be shadowing 2 attack classes. I think next weekend I’ll try and make sure I get more than 2-3 hours sleep before doing my classes in the morning. Haha, that was interesting. I had a rather big weekend, and I’m still trying to recover. My body isn’t quite sure now when it’s supposed to sleep icon_lol.gif Wish I could tell all about my weekend, but I can’t, cuz I’m just not quite sure who’s gonna read this icon_wink.gif It’s funny, cuz today I started feeling motivated that I really need to clean out my house and chuck out a heap of crap. For some time I’ve been thinking I need to sell this house up and move closer to the gyms I work at. Means doing something with the horses etc. But first, a clean out of crap is necessary. This morning I had a quick search online for houses to see what comes up in the area I’m looking at, dunno the prices and stuff. Then, just for fun I thought I’d look at my daily horoscope The Advertiser’s website. Dunno what possessed me to do that. I don’t believe in daily horoscopes, and I used to work for a newspaper, so I know how dodgy they are……….but can you imagine how I freaked when I read this:


Furniture and other aspects of interior design will captivate your attention this week. Whatever eyesore is bothering you can be cleared up and beautified just now. House hunting is also on the cards.


Still don’t believe in daily horoscopes (character references are different), but this is a freaky coincendence all the same!

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