Adelaide Quarterly Workshop – Q4

This round of quarterlies was held over 2 days, with some classes on Saturday afternoon and the usual program for Sunday afternoon. It was a great idea and I think it worked fantastic! I’m doing 17 classes a week just at the moment, so doing the workshop was a challenge, particularly after teaching a pump/combat/balance triple Saturday morning, and then going to the workshop to do combat and attack. And it was sooooo HOT! It was quite humid, so the evaporative air-conditioning at the workshop didn’t cope too well. Aside from that, combat absolutely ROCKED! I’m going to love this release……..and the evasive side kick was definately the highlight. Loved the choreography in attack, but not sure how I feel yet about the music. Combat was so awesome that the attack music didn’t really stand out to me immediately. After all this effort, I then taught pump and balance Sunday morning…….and returned to the workshop to do balance, but not before crashing for an hour and sleeping at Georgia’s house to recover first. Balance seemed quite nice, but I have to admit I don’t remember a lot. Backbend is back, and I remember we’ve got a half moon. Love the simplicity of the ab track. After all this, Georgia, Sofie and I went and had tea nearby to catch up for a bit. Quite a big weekend and it didn’t even involve alcohol………haha