First attack class solo

ok, today was the first time I taught attack in it’s entirety………and at Zest, which is a bigger deal than my previous 2 classes (which I had help with). Today I had a girl shadowing me, which it’s eventually supposed to be her class but she doesn’t feel ready to teach it yet and hasn’t learnt any choreography yet. From the sounds of it, I expect I might be helping her out for a few weeks?

Anyway, I have to say I finally felt a lot more comfortable with the chorrey, and despite the fact that I was struggling learning track 9 from BA54, I nailed it with perfect chorrey………..haha, no idea how I did that!

While I haven’t really taught many tracks, all the classes I’ve been shadowing really does help. It means doing everything on the left leg comes more naturally and you don’t have to think about little things……….and in general just feel more comfortable with the program (and fitter!). I didn’t realise how much just shadowing alone would help me.

Gets bloody difficult to breathe though. That’ll take a bit of getting used to! Track 9 I was thinking how nice it would have been to hand the mic to someone else, but instead I just said “ok, have a quick drink and then let’s move on!” icon_lol.gif

that 2 second drink break was just enough (well not really) to allow me to suck in some more oxygen for the last track. oh and did I mention that we’ve just had our first really hot day today at 37C (had to happen today icon_rolleyes.gif )???? Think I was a little bit quieter in the last 2 tracks………quite an unusual experience for me. I think most people who know me would be cherishing that moment anyway icon_lol.gif

Onwards and upwards! Roll on BA55!!!!!