Car accident

Well, by definition of the law I had an accident, but in reality I blew 2 tyres……ugh.

So I strayed and touched the curb while I was driving at least 80km/hr. Ok touching the curb is usually no big deal, however I did so at a point where there just happened to be a drain. You know……..where they have the big square concrete bit in the curb around the drain? I just so happened to touch that bit, and bang, 2 tyres smashed, me in shock not knowing quite what happened. I wasn’t 100% sure in the first few seconds that the tyres had gone, but I guessed something was probably pretty wrong when my hub caps went flying across the road. :shock:
So I pulled over contemplating what to do. Cars only come with 1 spare right? oh joy.

So I did what anyone would do and rang the RAA. Guess what? They wouldn’t come out because I had “hit” the curb, therefore by law it was classified as an accident. hmmmmm. So next I rang the number they gave to me and I have to get towed. Great.

Ended up being a stressful afternoon, but the resolution of it all in the end was that I got towed to a friend’s house nearby. Turns out they also had a Ford Falcon and they agreed to lend me their spare tyre. So with 2 spare tyres now on my car and 2 smashed tyres sitting in my boot I finally got home.

The bad news is the rims of the tyres are also stuffed. The good news is cuz it was a “car accident” (collision involving the curb…….oh my that sounds good) so I can claim it under insurance.

I think I might try to avoid curbs in future!