Lacking energy

Not sure what’s going on, but I was seriously lacking energy in attack this morning. My normal classes at Fernwood haven’t been on all this week, and I was too tired to do attack last night so I thought I’d go this morning instead to burn off some of the crap I’d been eating.

Was a bad idea cuz my shins are starting to ache and I generally felt so run down I regretted doing the class. oh wells, hopefully I’ll get my energy back soon, maybe just lighter weights in pump tomorrow?

Also had a balance fill in at Burnside Zest so on my way I stopped in at Burnside hospital and visited one of my members at Zest that’s just had her baby. A little baby boy. Held him, he was so cute but I dunno whether babies suit me…….haha. He’s probably used to my voice already from balance classes within her belly. ­čśŤ

Club Trainer @ Zest

I’ve started working at Zest now as a Club Trainer. This is a fancy name for gym instructor, cert 3 qualified. Gotta say getting up at 6am was a bit tough, haven’t done that for a while, haha. ­čśŤ

It was a great opportunity to get the chance to talk with some people that do my classes (and those that don’t). I can see working on the gym floor is going to be a fantastic way of getting feedback and encourage people into classes! I’ll be starting the Zest Body Trainer course in 2 weeks, so it’s all going to be pretty full on. I’m not far off finally completing my cert 4, so it’s all getting exciting. I think 2007 is going to be a very different year for me.

Next shift is going to be on Tuesday, a 12pm – 9pm shift…….a long day….

5 classes in one day

ok, I’ve done some hard teaching combos, and the hardest I’d done previously was teach a BP/BC/BB triple and then go to the Adelaide workshop and do BC and BA.

However today would have to have been the most challenging teaching combination I’ve ever done. BA/BP double in the morning, then in the afternoon BP, a 1 hour rest then shadow BA and finally teach BB.

That’s 2 BA’s and 2 BP’s……..I can tell my fitness level has increased considerable in recent times ­čśë

Christmas Day

I can’t believe it’s Christmas already! But well, it’s here. Spent Christmas eve with my parents and had tea, spent some time in the spa and debated over whether Tara was pregnant (the horse). Quite a relaxing evening. Spent the morning relaxing again, another spa and checked out mum’s paintings.

The drive home was uneventful, and the evening back at home uneventful.

All good really ­čśë


OMG, I’m scared, we’ve just lost our power, major storm. And my housemate just got hit by lightening. I thought you DIED when something like that happened. Yikes, this is scary.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve got long. I’m sure my UPS will die soon.

Website update

WebsiteUpdated the forum today. Ended up being a lengthy upgrade that took me a few hours. Generally you’d like these things to go smoothly but of course they never do! The new update includes a “friends” feature, and a while back I added such a feature as a “modification”. Unfortunately the addon created a table in the database under the same name as the new update wanted to create, so during the installation this failed.

Luckily the installation included a check to make sure all the tables had been successfully created, so when it came up with an error I was able to go into the database and rename the table, allowing the installation procedure to recreate the correct table it required. Phew.
Not too many other hiccups, but I’m sure the forum members will be bound to find some errors for me ­čśŤ

The only other thing I’ve noticed is that the dropdown boxes and the tabs in the admin panel don’t work in Firefox…..grrr


I promised Natty ages ago that one day I will do bodyjam with her…….next to her. Jam is always Tuesday nights though, and up until about a month ago I always worked Tuesday nights. So now I’ve had Tuesday nights free, except I’ve had a few things come up……..sometimes I’ve just been tired, or grouchy (no good me trying jam while I’m in a bad mood, haha), or I’ve had a fill in elsewhere like last week (for attack).

But, as of next week Tuesdays are no longer going to be available to me, so I had to finally fulfill my promise and tonight was my last opportunity to do so.

At least it was jam 39 again, which was great, cuz it gave me an extra opportunity to have a go at it. I picked it up a bit easier this time, but I dunno if it was just my mood or whatever, but I was kinda over it by the end of the class. It wasn’t that I didn’t have a good time, I just had too much else on my mind, too much stress and I got sick of thinking while doing jam. Not to mention there was one point where I was being watched, and the thought that went through my mind was “for god’s sake”, but I guess when you’re instructor it’s impossible to be anonymous?

Stuck around for attack afterwards, cuz I figured while I was doing a class anyway it was my opportunity to go over the choreography again, since I’m once again filling in attack at Burnside tommorrow night (means I’ll miss my usual class that I shadow at Modbury) and this class is apparently a HUGE class, like 70 people or something. That’s a bit freaky for a newbie attacker like me……..arrrrgggh. Doing the class with Mick was great, because he’s always pretty spot on with his chorrey, but having done like 14 different versions of BA55 means that I’ll probably still get mixed up when I teach it tomorrow night, haha!

The only thing is I felt pretty tired though when I did attack. These days I nearly always have an orange juice about an hour before the class and I notice it makes a HUGE difference. Tonight I didn’t and I felt I had to really push myself.

At least SOS doesn’t bother me anymore, got that down pat ­čśÇ

It’s confirmed

This Friday will definately be my last time teaching combat at Burnside. I’m going to have to say goodbye to them. It’s going to be sad since those guys actually requested for me to teach there, but some things you just have to do. That class has always absolutely rocked. I’m also going to miss having Baby Combatter shadowing with me.

I hate saying goodbye ­čÖü

Xmas BBQ

More chrissy celebrations. Got invited over to a BBQ with mainly oldies. Was an enjoyable evening even though I was the youngest there ­čśŤ They make me feel young though………hehe.

The frustrating thing though is that one of the guys, one of the younger oldies, quite obviously was intrigued by me. Although he’s a young oldie, he is just way too old for me. But I don’t get it, why do I seem to always get the attention of the old guys? What about all the people my own age? haha

Baby combatter 2

Baby combatter again took a couple of tracks this morning. However she was supposed to do tracks 2 and 5, but following the warmup I forgot and launched straight into track 2. So she did track 3 instead which she wasn’t really prepared for, but she still did well. Track 5 she did an AWESOME job, and there was lots of energy.

The bad news is, I will likely have to give up this Friday morning combat class. I’ve got other work coming up which unfortunately interfere’s with that class. It’s sad, cuz I was really looking forward to her shadowing every week with me.


yes yes, I actually did JAM! I was teaching my BC/BB double, and I had a couple of girls turn up from another Fernwood come to see me. So, when they decided to do jam afterwards aswell, I figured I’d give it a go and so I could also chat to them afterwards.

This is the first time I’ve done jam since 37 first came out. I was worried 39 was going to be difficult, but it was actually a bit easier than I thought. I still felt like a fool, however I don’t think I looked as embarrassing as I have in other classes I’ve tried. I think I almost enjoyed it. ­čśŤ

It was only a 45 min class though, so we ended up skipping a small part of the last block, meaning that us newbies got thrown into the deep end with the last part of the routine. We missed the breakdown of it. I pretty much didn’t get that little last bit, but it was fun trying.

Following this I stayed and had a quick drink with the two girls and found out that Adelaide is WAAAAY too small. Ok, I already knew that, but I just hate being reminded.

Contact Lenses

Had my checkup with how my trial with the contact lenses are going. We’ve decided upon the type that I’m going to use regularly based upon the one in my left eye feeling much more comfortable. It appears these are the ones that you cannot sleep in though, so if I ever want to use the ones you sleep in (which I want to) I have to be able to tolerate the one that’s in my right eye. Apparently at the moment I’m reacting to it cuz of the silicon in it, so it’s not known if I’ll ever be able to tolerate it. The main draw back with the one’s we’ve decided upon is that they’re really floppy and much harder to handle. I’m never quite sure if I’ve got it the right way around?

However, I’m enjoying the change in being able to actually SEE everything clearly! It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Taking me a bit of getting used to, and it’s a bit of a pain cleaning them and putting them in and out and stuff, but I guess it’s probably a bit like waxing, showering and eating once you get used to it?


yay I did another attack fillin, this time at Zest Burnside. This is the biggest class I’ve had to teach yet, and I spent the afternoon learning releases 55 cuz I hadn’t learnt it yet! I didn’t think I was going to be able to learn it in time, but I did, and I even got the gallop square!

I didn’t make any mistakes beyond a few minor ones that any normal instructor would do. I only found track 7 a bit messy and feels strange to figure out where you start again after you change sides of the room. I’m sure I’ll be able to get it next time.

I had a few people come up and say “thanks, great class” so that’s definately a good thing! The difference with Burnside compared to Modbury, is that all the members at Modbury KNOW I’ve only trained in attack fairly recently. They all know me as an instructor, they saw me go from just participating in classes, to then shadowing on stage. So to then step into taking a class they already know and respect me as an instructor, so I don’t have to worry about getting judged. Whereas at Burnside very few people know me, so I’m contending with a big class, a fillin, and people a little more aprehensive about this “new” instructor.

Anyways, I’m very happy with how the class went and it was a great chance for me to teach 55.

Bad luck or Good luck?

So it’s not so long since my incident where I smashed my rims on 2 tyres on my car…..on a…….erm……..drain, and now today I I get rear ended by another car.

My heart sank when I felt/heard it, but thank gawd my tow-bar saved my car. That was a relief, but I’m trying to figure out if this is good luck or bad luck? Everything seems to be happening to me at the moment………arrrrgggh.

Anyway, car is ok, aside from a bit dirty.

Me? I’m mainly fine, just a bit rattled after the events of today (not just this one).

My body is so sore……..thank gawd I’m booked in for a sports massage tomorrow. I haven’t had one since prior to the U2 concert.

Baby combatter

My shadow that’s doing Friday morning combat with me took a couple of tracks again this morning, but this time she was prepared instead of my throwing her in the deep end like I did last week.

It’s the first time I’ve had someone new shadowing me since Shona was on board with me doing balance. Wow, seems so long ago that was now.

It’s much easier for me these days having a newbie shadow me. I remember the first time and I freaked out, cuz I didn’t know how to help out someone new…… to say the right things to give them confidence, but yet constructive feedback at the same time. It’s still hard to know those things, but I must be better at it than the first time I did it.

She did a great job. It’s tough getting up on stage and those early days when you’re just getting your head around the mic, getting used to pre-cueing etc. Her pre-cueing was pretty good and her voice projection was a huge improvement from last week (well, it’s a bit hard to speak when you’re swimming in the deep end).

I think my shadow is going to be with me for a while, so I’m looking forward to watching her grow over the next few……..weeks…..months? ­čśë

On another note, I’m not gonna do attack tonight. I’m a bit physically sore and tired, especially after those 16yo boys yesterday……….and besides, it’s 38C today and I’m not sure if the air conditioning has been fixed at Zest yet. So, night off for me, maybe I’ll get stuck back into my Cert 4 study.

Besides, if I went it would be for all the wrong reasons ­čśë