BODYCOMBAT 30 Taught this one in it’s entirety this morning, excluding the last 2 tracks since I haven’t learnt them yet (I threw the girl shadowing me into the deep end and got her to do these 2 tracks).
Standout tracks to me are 1, 4, 6 and 8.

I had a very unique experience though when I did this one this morning. I had 3 people in the class who’d just done their combat training. One was shadowing me, the other 2 were on the floor. It brought back memories of the days 3 years ago when I was fresh faced from my combat training, and you feel so proud and put 110% and know all the chorrey better than the instructor etc. And here’s me 3 years later, feeling a LOT more chilled out about it all with 3 people in my class who knew it all better than me. ohhhh…….it’s punishment………what goes around comes around ­čśŤ

Anyway, warmup begins with Scooter……..anything Scooter is awesome ­čśë
Love the ascending elbows combo.
First combat track is an oldie track brought back. I didn’t really do BC11, so I don’t know the old chorrey for it, but there’s lots happening in this track. I like this track, but it’s not a fav.

Track 3 is simple and gets your heartrate up. Good chorrey, good song.

Track 4. WOW! Amadeus. Evasive Side Kick. Hard work. Wicked. Say no more… ­čśë

Split room track this is another “good” track that does nothing special for me. I do love the staggered speedballs with the jump into the centre each time.

Recovery is awesome awesome awesome! The double punch/palm block combo is awesome to teach. So much power, so much attitude. Almost takes the highlight away from the Muay Thai track ­čśŤ

Muay thai is definately a different feel, but this is a GOOD thing. There’s been a lot of hard core muay thai’s, so a different energy and different power brings back the “control” into the fury of muay thai. Initially I wasn’t sure about this track, but it’s definately grown on me now!

Last power track rocks! Love this song in both combat and attack, both tracks rock! Chorrey works well here too, lots of opportunities for expression in the music.

Last 2 tracks I don’t know well yet, but track 9 is quite a good track. The music in this one definately reminds me of my younger days. The cooldown……….well………..hmmm…………opera…………..eeeeuccccch

All in all an AWESOME release! I’m gonna love teaching it the next few weeks.