Contact Lenses are happening!

Well I haven’t updated about my contact lenses since my first dismal attempt.

The second session I had with the optomotrist was much more successful than the first. I was actually able to get them out on my own this time, 3 times each eye. Major improvement, and no passing out. Lots of people told me that when you try out contact lenses you just gotta persist through the first little bit………and they were so RIGHT!

By the third session I was putting them in on my own aswell, and the fourth session he was confident I could do it on my own without supervision and gave me instructions on how to store, clean, use them etc. Back when I had the first session I would have been surprised to have been able to do it within 4 sessions, so hey, I’ve come a long way!

I’ve been wearing them just a few hours each day, gradually increasing the wearing period as I get used to them. But I’ve been finding that after 2-3 hours they just really drive me nuts, and they’re so uncomfortable I want them out. So I went back to the optometrist on Friday, and he’s given me different ones to try, and they already feel MUCH better. They don’t feel quite so harsh on my eyes. Up to wearing them about 6-7 hours a day. I have to say, now that I’m getting used to them, I’m definately attached to them. I like being able to see, and now I feel sad when I have to take them out.

The weird thing is doing my classes now. I can see everyone sooooo CLEARLY. I can also see very clearly when people look at me, which is quite scary. Feel like I’m a newbie instructor again…….haha, well not quite, but it is kinda different in a random kinda way.

The only other hassle I have with them at the moment, is I’m trialling 2 different types of lenses, 1 in each eye. The one I have in my left eye is a really soft mushy floppy one, and I have a hell of a time getting it in and out. This morning before my class I was trying to get it in, and it didn’t feel right. So I tried to adjust it (there’s a way to do it) and make it feel better. It didn’t, it felt worse. So I figured I’d try and take it out and put it back in again (in case I had it round the wrong way. They’re bastards to tell which way is the right way around!). But then I couldn’t get it out, I was poking around in my eye, and it wasn’t happening. Hmmmm. So looking in the mirror, I wasn’t sure if it was in anymore… I waltz off to find a clock, cover my other eye to see if clock is blurry. Clock is blurry……so therefore the contact lense musn’t be in my eye. Right, so where is it? I look in the basin to see if I can find it……can’t see it anywhere. Eye still feels uncomfortable, so FEELS like lense is in there somewhere, but I can’t SEE it.

I ended up finding it all folded in half under my eyelid. Wow, what a learning curve these contact lenses are……gah