Bodypump with kids

This afternoon I was asked to take a pump class with 16yo school kids. I was apprehensive at first, cuz it’s a bit of a drive and I was weighing up whether it was financially worth my while. In the end I agreed.

I ended up with just boys as I think the girls opted to do RPM instead. The boys surprised me, they were all very well behaved and they quite enjoyed the class except they said my music taste was crap. I laughed and said it wasn’t my choice and the music is selected for people worldwide.

They managed quite well with the weights and I encouraged them to keep it light. The maximum any of them lifted was 10kg, which surprised me, but then I guess I’m not sure how much a 16yo can lift. But they weren’t really feeling it at all, which is ok, cuz they were still getting used to the techniques.

When we got the the lunge track though, somehow it came up about how much I was lifting. I explained to them that I can lift a lot more, but I was lifting the same as them for their benefit. They didn’t believe me….

So I got challenged, and I can’t help it, when I get challenged I have to meet the challenge head on. So for their benefit, I put 20kg on the bar for lunges (it was BP60 which I wouldn’t normally do that much for lunges, but cuz I’d lifted light for the rest of the class it was easily doable).

I can’t believe I was showing off to 16 yo’s :shock: