Baby combatter

My shadow that’s doing Friday morning combat with me took a couple of tracks again this morning, but this time she was prepared instead of my throwing her in the deep end like I did last week.

It’s the first time I’ve had someone new shadowing me since Shona was on board with me doing balance. Wow, seems so long ago that was now.

It’s much easier for me these days having a newbie shadow me. I remember the first time and I freaked out, cuz I didn’t know how to help out someone new…… to say the right things to give them confidence, but yet constructive feedback at the same time. It’s still hard to know those things, but I must be better at it than the first time I did it.

She did a great job. It’s tough getting up on stage and those early days when you’re just getting your head around the mic, getting used to pre-cueing etc. Her pre-cueing was pretty good and her voice projection was a huge improvement from last week (well, it’s a bit hard to speak when you’re swimming in the deep end).

I think my shadow is going to be with me for a while, so I’m looking forward to watching her grow over the next few……..weeks…..months? ­čśë

On another note, I’m not gonna do attack tonight. I’m a bit physically sore and tired, especially after those 16yo boys yesterday……….and besides, it’s 38C today and I’m not sure if the air conditioning has been fixed at Zest yet. So, night off for me, maybe I’ll get stuck back into my Cert 4 study.

Besides, if I went it would be for all the wrong reasons ­čśë