Club Trainer @ Zest

I’ve started working at Zest now as a Club Trainer. This is a fancy name for gym instructor, cert 3 qualified. Gotta say getting up at 6am was a bit tough, haven’t done that for a while, haha. ­čśŤ

It was a great opportunity to get the chance to talk with some people that do my classes (and those that don’t). I can see working on the gym floor is going to be a fantastic way of getting feedback and encourage people into classes! I’ll be starting the Zest Body Trainer course in 2 weeks, so it’s all going to be pretty full on. I’m not far off finally completing my cert 4, so it’s all getting exciting. I think 2007 is going to be a very different year for me.

Next shift is going to be on Tuesday, a 12pm – 9pm shift…….a long day….