I promised Natty ages ago that one day I will do bodyjam with her…….next to her. Jam is always Tuesday nights though, and up until about a month ago I always worked Tuesday nights. So now I’ve had Tuesday nights free, except I’ve had a few things come up……..sometimes I’ve just been tired, or grouchy (no good me trying jam while I’m in a bad mood, haha), or I’ve had a fill in elsewhere like last week (for attack).

But, as of next week Tuesdays are no longer going to be available to me, so I had to finally fulfill my promise and tonight was my last opportunity to do so.

At least it was jam 39 again, which was great, cuz it gave me an extra opportunity to have a go at it. I picked it up a bit easier this time, but I dunno if it was just my mood or whatever, but I was kinda over it by the end of the class. It wasn’t that I didn’t have a good time, I just had too much else on my mind, too much stress and I got sick of thinking while doing jam. Not to mention there was one point where I was being watched, and the thought that went through my mind was “for god’s sake”, but I guess when you’re instructor it’s impossible to be anonymous?

Stuck around for attack afterwards, cuz I figured while I was doing a class anyway it was my opportunity to go over the choreography again, since I’m once again filling in attack at Burnside tommorrow night (means I’ll miss my usual class that I shadow at Modbury) and this class is apparently a HUGE class, like 70 people or something. That’s a bit freaky for a newbie attacker like me……..arrrrgggh. Doing the class with Mick was great, because he’s always pretty spot on with his chorrey, but having done like 14 different versions of BA55 means that I’ll probably still get mixed up when I teach it tomorrow night, haha!

The only thing is I felt pretty tired though when I did attack. These days I nearly always have an orange juice about an hour before the class and I notice it makes a HUGE difference. Tonight I didn’t and I felt I had to really push myself.

At least SOS doesn’t bother me anymore, got that down pat ­čśÇ

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