Been a while

Well it’s been a while since I last posted, and I think the length of time between blog entries is directly proportional to how hard I’m working.

I’m currently working everyday at the moment, with not a single day off. It’s a bit tiring, especially when I end up with nights with only 4 hours sleep…… last night. Today I did 7 hours approximately at Bodytrainer, directly followed by 6 hour gym shift. Basically 7am till 8pm (not to mention the fact that I had to get up at 5am to get to Mitcham in time).

Added to that, we had serious plumbing problems at about 7pm tonight, meaning the mens toilets began to flood. Within  half an hour all the toilets were blocked, men and womens. By 8pm there was serious problems because the water was beginning to back up the drain in the pool equipment room, which had serious electrical equipment. I ended up leaving about 8.30pm, feeling more stressed that I would have liked to have been. I left the pool manager to supervise the fixing of the problems.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be beginning a trial of Attack on Saturdays………so my BP/BC/BB triple is now a BP/BA/BB triple. That’s gonna be a challenge. Especially after everything that’s happened the last few days.

Not sure when my next update will be, cuz I’ve decided that I might just quietly slip away and die after tomorrow 😉