Well, the flooding that was occuring at Zest ended up being a problem outside of the gym which was SA Waters responsibility. So they ended up having to come in and clean it up. I dunno the details, I only know that I saw them steam cleaning the carpets when I got there this afternoon.

I did my BP/BA/BB triple at Fernwood in the morning. I managed to get 8 hrs sleep thank gawd, so it wasn’t TOO hard. The attack ran a bit late though, so I dunno what I did wrong there. I must check the running time of the tracks I chose for my mix.

I did:

  1. Be There (BA54)
  2. Hung Up (BA54)
  3. A New Bad Desire (BA51)
  4. Popcorn (BA52)
  5. We Be Burnin’ (BA53)
  6. I Was Made For Loving You (BA50)
  7. Way To Go (BA54) ……..I sooooo need to learn another agility track
  8. Like The Sun (BA55)
  9. The Real Thing (BA55)
  10. Push The Button (BA53)
  11. Far AWay (BA53)

I just checked the running time of that mix on my ipod, and it’s over 58 minutes. hmmmm………think I won’t be doing that mix again!