well I’m back up to my max weights tonight, after being knocked back a bit from being unwell. It was a little bit more of a challenge of course, but I had the energy and it felt great!

I did mainly BP58, but not quite all of it.

  1. I’ll be your light (BP58)
  2. Drop dead gorgeous (BP58)
  3. Love shack (BP58)
  4. Riding on the wings (BP58)
  5. Let’s get down (BP58)
  6. Stand by me (BP58)
  7. Ganbareh (BP45) – just show I could show off my Japanese……or rather, lack of ­čść
  8. Pretty Vegas ( (BP59) – didn’t get a chance to learn Round and Round in time
  9. Intuition (BP58)
  10. Angels (BP56)

And as for my weights tonight:

  1. 5 kg each side (total: 10kg)
  2. 12.5 kg each side (total: 25kg)
  3. 7.5 kg each side (total: 15kg)
  4. 10 kg each side (total: 20kg)
  5. 5 kg each side (total: 10kg)
  6. 5 kg each side (total: 10kg)
  7. 7.5 kg each side (total: 15kg)
  8. 2.5kg plate, 5kg each side bar (total: 10kg)

My head wasn’t quite with it tonight though. I kept saying things wrong. Said during the deadlifts if they “bend theirhamstrings they would work their…………ohhhhhh”

Then they cracked up laughing when I told them to pick up their bags ­čś│ (instead of their bar). It was one of those nights ­čść