Heart rate monitor

I had a play with my new heart rate monitor tonight. I shadowed attack first and then taught combat………both classes were the new releases. The results were really interesting.

In attack I dropped back to the options a lot during the Interval track, since there was a newbie member that needed help. So I demo’ed the low options……so the result I guess may be a bit lower than they could have been? Also, I expect that if I was actually teaching attack the results would be higher too. I’ll wear my heart rate monitor when I teach attack on Saturday and see what it comes back with then.

Attack (BA55)

620 calories
45% fat
Max HR – 174
Avg HR – 153

Combat (BC30)

592 calories
40% fat
Max HR – 171
Avg HR – 153

One really interesting thing to note is that I looked at my watch at the end of track 4 in combat (Amadeus) and my heart rate at that point was 170, so even though that track is slower, when you really get down in the legs during the jump kicks it proves that it really makes your heart rate skyrocket! I remember people complaining about this track possibly being too slow………I hope those people read this!