Last day of BodyTrainer

Well the last day was today! yay…….I can finally get a day off now, since I haven’t had a day off in weeks. I’m hanging out for next Friday where I can just spend a day sleeping in, doing nothing, lumping around and hybernating. Awesome.

It was a bit difficult cuz the course was so far away from me too, and I had to drive way over the other side of the city through peak hour traffic………meaning, since it’s a Les Mills course, I invariably ended up with penalties most Fridays. One thing that I thought was quite amusing was the fact that I was the only group fitness instructor out of the 6 or 7 or so doing the course, meaning that the penalties weren’t in reality all that physically difficult for me since I’m a lot fitter than the other guys. But I didn’t let on to that ­čśë They were still challenging exercises, but I wasn’t dying like the other guys were…….hehe

I dunno how I feel about the course content, how much of it I’ll use. Some of the business planning and tracking stuff is going to be really handy for me. It’s helped me get my head around how I can keep track of the business component of being a PT running my own business. It’s waaaay different from being an employee.

I’m going to be on the lookout for some fitness software for my laptop. Not sure which is the best to go with, but it’d be awesome if there’s software out there that could integrate with Quickbooks or something.

I have to do my assessments with Kerri, my PTM, next week. Yay, and I’ve only got a week till we launch aswell……….4 programs………sheeshh…….I’m gonna go crazy…..