Heart rate in BODYPUMP

ok I’ve taken a few readings on my HR monitor from BODYPUMP classes, but this is the first time I’ve recorded them from my Monday night class where I usually lift my maximum weights (and do crazy things like daring members to do 30kg squats with me ­čść ).

So tonight I did it, I went with 30kg but little did I know that for whatever reason the Step class before me hadn’t turned the cooling on on the air conditioning. I’m not sure what the temperature was today, but I’m sure it was over 35C and so when it was pretty damn hot I just thought the air con was struggling like it usually does in that weather. But no, it could have been cooler…….lol………..but that’s ok, I like the heat, but I think it just made the squats a bit harder. Damn, I think it was way harder than when I did it last week and heck, my heart rate showed it cuz I peaked at 171!!!!

I ended up feeling it in my back a little bit cuz I know I was losing the control in my core abs. I could feel it happening but I couldn’t stop it cuz I was just too fatigued…….wow that was really a challenge. It wasn’t the pain, it wasn’t the burning……….it’s just that I actually didn’t have the strength anymore.

I said to the class if they want me to do that again next week I need something back. I need somebody else to lift their weights up or something aswell ­čśë However I probably wont do it next week, since I’ll be doing the new release and I can’t smash myself like that while trying to teach new chorrey. My brain goes fuzzy when I push myself that hard and I just can’t afford to do that with a brand new release cuz I’ll just get lost.

Maybe the week after though………it’s insane ­čśë

395 calories
50% fat
Max HR – 171
Avg HR – 126

I dunno if I agree with what they say about the back track supposedly being the biggest calorie burner? I did 20kg in back track and that was pushing myself as high as I can go. My heart rate didn’t get anywhere near as high as it did in squats. I think I got to about 150 in the back track……hmmmm


Man, a very very special event happened at Zest this morning…….possibly a once in a lifetime occurance! lol

I taught a 6am pump class there, haha. I haven’t taught at 6am in about 2 years!!!! I normally would say no, but because I’m working so much at Zest Modbury now and cuz they’ve treated me fairly well I agreed to do it. I was their last resort for a fill in and they dangled a carrot at me so I actually said ‘yes’.

The class was actually surprisingly quite a lot of fun. I think it was a fraction easier to do because I’ve been doing the 6am shift on Wednesday mornings (which I’ll look forward to getting rid of when I switch to BodyTrainer) and there was about 12 people in the class. I decided to practise the first 2 tracks of the new release on them to help iron out the kinks in the awkward timing, which was handy to get that practise. I dropped my weights way down though, because not only did I already teach pump on Saturday and Sunday, but I have my usual class tonight (which I’ll lift my normal weights, plus do the 30kg challenge again if I’m up to it), and then I’m doing another pump fill in tomorrow morning.

Anyway it was a fun class and I stayed at Modbury working on my laptop till 10am when I had my first client. Got a bit of work done which was great, possibly more work than I would have got done if I went home ­čśë