update to totallylesmills.com

totallylesmills.comI’ve done a little work on updating totallylesmills.com today. Some work towards making the site more obviously “unofficial” so that people don’t get the site confused with the official Les Mills International website. In the past a lot of people have mistakenly believed the old btstalk site to be an official LM site, so hopefully this is a step towards avoiding this.

I was hesitant to include a contacts page, but I finally have, but since I’m desperate to avoid people sending me emails asking for music I’ve hopefully made this very clear and so I hope I wont get bombarded with these types of emails. We’ll see how it goes I guess?

There’s a slight new colour theme aswell along with a new banner. This was inspired by a demo business card that I saw and I thought it looked cool so I pinched the colour theme.

Other changes?

Well I’ve also got a welcome page now too which I hope makes it clearer what the website is about.

Some feedback I’ve had is that the “Unofficial” stamp looks too distracting, but by that point I’d had enough and didn’t have the energy to spend any more time on it……so that’s what it is for the moment. Think it could do with improvement, but hey, I don’t have much spare time these days!