30kg squats

Tonight in pump was D-day and as per my previous entry I had my challenge with one of the members to raise my squat weight to 30kg.

I’ve been extremely sore lately and so I was starting to feel nervous about meeting this challenge…….lol……….but I didn’t want to back down. I had my much desperately needed massage this afternoon and it has really made such a difference I almost felt I could meet the 30kg challenge head on…………almost.

So when pump started tonight and said member was there it was like……….ok, challenge is ON. I focused, I put the weight on and tried not to think about it…….haha

We squatted to “Drop Dead Gorgeous”……….the members all looked at me intently to see how I’d go. I sweated a little bit more, I went a little bit red in the face, got a fraction more breathless……….but I SQUATTED 30KG!!!! 

The only drawback about all this is they bloody well want me to do it again next week 😯

One thought on “30kg squats

  1. you go girl. I’ve only managed to get to 2-10kg on both sides. I teach 3 pumps on 3 consecutive days, just don’t want to over-due it. mmmmm….I guess I should step up. Maybe a challenge coming on….Well anyway. Good Job!!!!

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