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I had a play with my new heart rate monitor tonight. I shadowed attack first and then taught combat………both classes were the new releases. The results were really interesting.

In attack I dropped back to the options a lot during the Interval track, since there was a newbie member that needed help. So I demo’ed the low options……so the result I guess may be a bit lower than they could have been? Also, I expect that if I was actually teaching attack the results would be higher too. I’ll wear my heart rate monitor when I teach attack on Saturday and see what it comes back with then.

Attack (BA55)

620 calories
45% fat
Max HR – 174
Avg HR – 153

Combat (BC30)

592 calories
40% fat
Max HR – 171
Avg HR – 153

One really interesting thing to note is that I looked at my watch at the end of track 4 in combat (Amadeus) and my heart rate at that point was 170, so even though that track is slower, when you really get down in the legs during the jump kicks it proves that it really makes your heart rate skyrocket! I remember people complaining about this track possibly being too slow………I hope those people read this!

6 thoughts on “Heart rate monitor

  1. they told us at the education, get down lower, send your HR higher *g*

    Told you BA was harder than BS *g*

  2. I get highest Heart rates in Amadeus too.

    Max = 188
    Calories = I’ve hit between 920 and 1066 in the full hour.

  3. I do notice that my heart rate shoots up faster if I’m doing a certain intensity, and then slow down suddenly. Reminds me of BJ38: after doing about ten run-and-hops (in the “Say Say Say” track) then we have to stop moving and do these jazzy arm sweeps, my pulse always starts pounding harder. And the sweat just pours, too. 😀

  4. I didn’t post this as a blog entry, but I did 45 mins classes last night and obviously I burnt lower calories overall, but also in BC I didn’t get quite as high HR. I wonder if that’s because I didn’t do an attack class first?

    Body Combat 30 (45 mins)

    349 calories
    50% fat
    Max HR – 160
    Avg HR – 133

    Body Balance 26 (45 mins)

    158 calories
    60% fat
    Max HR – 118
    Avg HR – 95

    BC I dropped tracks 5 and 9, and BB I dropped 5 and 8.

  5. Cool info!

    Just curious… what kind of monitor do you have that gives you the 60% of calories burned from fat? I have owned several, and that wasn’t one of the options on any of them.

  6. It’s a Polar F55. It’s the first time I’ve used a HR monitor, so I dunno any different. It just gives me that reading along with the calories.

    I’m having fun playing with it at the moment. I’m waiting for my infrared USB thingy to come now (ordered on ebay) so that I can upload my data and chart it at http://www.polarpersonaltrainer.com 😉

    I dunno if it’s gonna be useful or not, but I like playing around with gadgets……..hehe

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