Kuala Lumpar

well I’ve made it here in Kuala Lumpar!

Already it’s been an interesting journey. I have to say so far Malaysia Airlines seems really good, but one of the air hostesses was either in a bad mood, or just didn’t take a liking to me or maybe it’s a cultural thing. I had dozed off fairly early in the flight (gotta love the side effects of my anti-nausea tablets!) and when I woke up I was not only desperate for the toilet, but they’d started the trolleys moving down to serve dinner. I had requested a seat with more room (due to being pregnant and a bad flier) and so I was in the first row of economy class, and thinking there’d be a toilet up the front I look, but no (not without entering the curtained off first class). So to my horror I discovered the only toilets were on the other side of the trolley and NO other way around.

Knowing I couldn’t hold on long enough for the trolley to make it’s entire journey, I asked the lady if I could go to the toilet. She looked at me, took a big sigh and shoulder shrug (teenage style) and shoved the trolley. She rolled it past the the toilet area moaning and groaning or whatever she was doing. She made it quite clear she wasn’t happy. When you gotta go you gotta go! Normally I think I’d be pissed off, but not really sure whether it’s normal or not I was just incredibly amused at her dramatic behaviour.

Following this whenever she offered drinks she always had the same behaviour. She seemed to fancy the guy sitting next to me though? Maybe I was a “dumb” tourist? lol

Now I’m all sorted for my next flight, I don’t feel too lost as I know where my next gate is. Quite new for me this is, all alone in a strange country and strange airport! But got 3 hours to kill here.

I’ve already given up on shopping……I hate it when sales staff approach me when I go shopping, and this experience is unreal! I feel like I’m getting stalked in every shop I go into! I’d heard stories about tourists getting treated differently than locals in Malaysia? While I was casually walking along looking at jewellry I even got a running commentry on what the gold was as I walked along…….felt a bit like I was on a bus tour!

So now I’m at a free internet booth thingy on a incredibly slow connection. Even my dialup puts this speed to shame!

But, I’m awed by the experience and feel quite proud of myself that I’m not that scared in a strange country (I’ve never been further than Auckland)!