Alex took me into the city of Apeldoorn this afternoon and it was my first real taste of the European feel. Probably sounds a bit naive, but it looked really European, lol. I’ve only ever seen pictures in books so it felt incredibly surreal to see that it actually exists this way, and not just in touristy places.

The scariest thing is Alex took me there…………on a BIKE! Now I’ve discovered that riding a bike in Australia is nothing like riding a bike here. Not only did I have to coordinate myself on the bike (I haven’t ridden for ages and pregnancy hasn’t done much good for my coordination) but I had to be aware of the road rules, remember to ride on the RIGHT side and also give way to the right. It seems in some places the cars have to give way to the bikes and in other places the bikes give way to the cars. So I had to concentrate on all the above just to stay on the bike and alive. Then Alex points out “hey did you see the lights over there?”

Are you kidding me? I’m just trying to stay on the bloody bike!!! ­čść

Anyway, once in Apeldoorn Alex insisted I try Ollebollen (I have no idea if I have the spelling right and I’m feeling too jetlagged to care ­čśë ) which surprised me by being really yummy. Apparently it’s a Christmas tradition and only available at this time of year. I’m hoping the only kilo’s I put on are because of the baby though and not all this European food! ­čśë

After a bit of walking around and buying a few essential items for myself that I hadn’t packed we headed back home again (on the bikes). We stopped at a canal and I couldn’t help but be fascinated at how the canal was starting to freeze. It was nearly frozen enough to take my weight……but you wouldn’t risk that of course! I’ve never seen snow, nor been anywhere so cold, so even though I know this happens it still felt incredible to see it.

When we got home, jetlag seriously hit me and I rested for a bit and while I didn’t actually sleep I did doze off for a minute or so while Alex cooked dinner. I was going to help him but the fatigue hit me so bad it seemed I couldn’t even hold my hand up. I felt a second burst of energy after tea and then Alex’s dad and sister came around for a visit and so I met some of┬áthe family for the first time. ­čśë

That was quite amusing as half the conversation was in English and half in Dutch. It seems Alex was the only one who understood all of the entire conversation, haha. It was hard keeping up cuz I was getting tired again, but it was great to meet them.

Now I’m just quickly writing this blog entry while I still remember everything and while Alex drops his dad back off home. I was so tired I wanted to go straight to bed, but I’m waiting till Alex gets back so we can try the chocolate ollebollen thing…….no it’s not ollebollen, but it looks something like it and filled with chocolate……..I think?