Alex’s brother and family

Last night we went to meet Alex’s brother, Ben and his family with his wife, Ineke and kids Sara and Benjamin. It was really wonderful meeting them and I felt so comfortable with them. Ben and Inneka both speak excellent English which was great although the kids can’t speak English, but they are beautiful children. Street Ducky

When I arrived they gave me a couple of gifts which was so sweet. One for me and one for the baby. I got a block of chocolate which I know won’t last very long, haha! And for the baby we got a cool street duck.

Wok RestaurantFor dinner we went out to a wok restaurant where you choose your food raw and then take it up to the cooks to get it cooked. It was cool, although I made the initial mistake of putting too much food on my first plate, meaning you don’t get to try as many varieties of dishes. I found I couldn’t eat much anyway, as I think the baby is leaving less room for my stomach these days. Or maybe I’m just doing too much sitting around and eating? I tried a couple of dishes anyway and some of the pre-cooked samples of food like spring rolls etc.

The food all tasted of excellent quality. Apparently it was a fairly affordable restaurant and compared with Adelaide I thought the quality and taste of the food was brilliant. I’ve noticed here that the food tends to be really good in comparison, especially anything fried and dairy foods. I’ve also noticed how clean everything is here. The toilets at restaurants and floors, including supermarkets and shops. They seem to pay much more attention to keeping everything clean. It feels really different to go to public toilets here and I guess that contributes to why you have to pay for most public toilets?

Ineke, Alex, Sara and I